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Thank goodness for Friends!

I have a few things to blab I mean blog about today. We had an excellent weekend. Our friends the Spiro’s (KC and Jodi that is) came up from the city for a visit. Our neighbor let KC borrow his old snowmobile and the boys went off into the woods to whoop it up for the day while Jodi, Ellie, and I hit the bustling metropolis of Heber. The girls found a gem of a store that I’m going to have to write a post about in the near future. The gentleman who owns the shop has a knack for turning old things into wonderful new things like old pinball tables into coffee tables (brilliant). You’ll see what I mean soon I hope. The boys on the other hand had quiet an adventure they dug a pit, built a fire, made a manly lunch out in the woods, and crashed a snowmobile into a tree. Don’t worry nobody was hurt. Fortunately KC bailed before the tree ran into the snowmobile 😉 While the boys were on their way home Jodi and I decided we loved the label on the bottle of wine we were going to have with dinner later so we took on the challenge of trying to draw the little Red Bicyclette man. So French and so cute I love it. Here’s how my interpretation turned out not too shabby eh?

The other thing…

With encouragement and inspiration from these lovely ladies (here, here, here, and here) I’m going to run the Salt Lake City 5k race on April 19th. Now I’m not a runner. I used to think I was but I have come to realize that 3 miles is pretty much all I can do. I just have never been able to go beyond 3 miles, I’m sure I could if I pushed myself and bust out 4 miles but do I really need to? It all gets done in 3 miles right? Heart rate climbs, some fat burns off, and things get semi-sorted out in my head. So, a 5K is perfect nothing more nothing less. The big carrot dangling in front of me to do this is to be with the afore mentioned girls again. I can’t wait to all be together again and see your smiles, hear your laughs, and listen to your voices!

Today was my first day out there hitting the pavement. I covered two miles of which I ran 1 and 3/4 of and walked the rest. Not too bad I felt pretty good. Ellie came along for the ride in her stroller she seemed to enjoy it as well. We went to the Legacy Mile a recently built pathway between Heber and Midway. There are these great little bridges on the trail and they are spaced perfectly at 1/2 mile and 1 mile. It’s a good spot to start. Nice and flat and the views are excellent. The only draw back is that it’s next to a busy road and it was COLD. I will preserver though wish me luck.

Thank goodness for Friends!

I have a few things to blab I mean blog about today. We had an excellent weekend. Our...
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