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New York Part I

We are back from our two and a half week NY visit and are settled back into home. It is good to be home again but Ellie is missing all the extra special attention she received while visiting Gary’s parents. Bada and Papa and her Aunts spoiled her and now I think she just doesn’t know what to do with herself. We were all very happy to reunite with Chip and Adah as well. We got home at about 10:30pm on Wednesday and Ellie stayed up until 12:30 reacquainting herself with the dogs and the house.

Our first week in New York was spent at the Marcoccia home catching up with Bada and Papa and all the Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. We took it easy. Spent one day in Ithaca with Kevin, Sarah, Bada, and Papa visiting the nature center and the science center. Enjoying highlights such as a penny roller, outdoor bubble games, outdoor drum session, a six story tree house, and a butterfly garden…

Next up we spent some time in Bada and Papa’s swimming pool. It was a little chilly at first so it took some coaxing to get Ellie in but once she got used to it she became a little firecracker in the water kicking her legs and “swimming” around. She also showed her diva side lounging on Bada’s floating mat. In the middle of her swimming frenzy Aunt Danielle showed up and Ellie got so excited she yelled out “I swimming in the pool!!!”

Next up we spent one morning picking Blueberries just down the road from the Marcoccia Homestead. I seriously could not believe the size of these berries. Some were literally the size of grapes. We all ate our share as we picked and we came home with copious amounts of blueberries. Ellie was very good and interested in the berries. She ate her fair share as well and was good about picking the ripe berries she even helped fill up a few buckets.

We attended Gary’s 20th High School Reunion the first weekend. I didn’t break out the camera for this although I should have. My bad. We had a good time and it was nice to meet some people from his past. I think Gary had a really good time catching up with some good friends. Many people kept telling me what a good guy Gary is and quite a few said he is so genuine and sincere. It was nice to hear all that rather than the “remember when we blah blah blah…” They are all right he is a good guy and he is genuine. A one of a kind if you will.

Ellie has become very vocal about her needs. Telling us all the time “I need milky” or “I need apple juice” and so on.  Bada and Papa watched Ellie over night while we attended Gary’s reunion. That morning she woke up and was ok for a little while, but I guess she soon relized we were not around so she went up to Papa and with a sad little voice said, “Papa, I need Mommy and Daddy.”  Oh Ellie.

New York Part I

We are back from our two and a half week NY visit and are settled back into home. It is...
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