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Zen and the art of Chicken Soup



Well I spoke too soon. The Wee One is sick. She had a temperature of 102.7 on Sunday evening so we  took her down to the “5’minute clinic” in Heber. Her temp registered 103.5 there yikes. We had a relatively good experience at the clinic the PA there was very helpful, understanding, and thorough. She was tested for strep, influenza, and urinary infection. Which all came out negative. So we loaded her up with some children’s Tylenol and some Motrin.  Yesterday and today the fever has been up and down. We took her to our regular Dr today to follow up. They did a chest x-ray and blood work. The x-ray was fine and we will get a call on the blood work later. We know she pretty much caught Gary’s virus but the MD’s wanted to run all those tests so they could rule out any other secondary issues. This is the first time Ellie has been really down and out sick. She’s had a little cold last year but never has had this high of a fever. Needless to say she is exhausted today after all the poking and proding. I’m not sure it was necessary to take her into the Dr today and put her through all that testing but it comes down to we are better off safe then sorry. So far today her fever has been more mild. So we will continue to direct our thoughts to healthy bodies and love…


We had grand plans of going to Alta for a ski day today. Unfortunately Gary woke up with a very stuffy head ughh. It’s been around for a couple of days and he has put up a good fight but last night/this morning it has the upper hand. He caught this little cold while in Vegas last weekend. I was under the impression that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Humm….

So, Ellie and I took to the grocery store this morning to get some Chicken Noodle Love Soup essentials. You know like chicken, parsley, onions, Rootbeer (I can’t explain my RB obsession lately, weird), and a donut for good measure.

Here is my recipe:

Take a whole fryer chicken and put it in a big stew pot with 8 cups of chicken broth. Cook that up for about an hour. Meanwhile, chop all the veggies you have on hand like onions, carrots, celery, leeks, squash, and such. Think about how much you love your family while you chop. Chop up some parsley and dill while your at it. Reflect on the things that make you happy like a beautiful blue sky day, dogs, and laughter. When the chicken is done do what has to be done, and you know, separate the meat from the bones. This part is the worst but if it helps your sick one feel better it’s worth it. Put some more loving thoughts into what you are doing. Strain the chicken broth. Just smelling it is already making the sick one feel better. Add your veggies and chopped chicken to the broth and more water if you need it. Let these cook. Think some more about healing the sick one with some love and soup. When the veggies seem soft add some noodles. Again, pour some good healthy thoughts in there too and stir it up. Finally when the noodles are done serve it up. While enjoying your chicken noodle love soup think about how your not going to get sick.  Really,  your not and neither is the Wee One.

One more thing you can enjoy with your soup.

“Ginger Lemon I Feel Sorry for You Honey Tea”

Fill your teapot up with water, peel and slice some fresh ginger, add some lemon slices. Heat it up until nice and steamy. Spoon out a dollop of honey into your favorite mug. Poor the ginger-lemon water over the honey spoon. Sip and relax.

Zen and the art of Chicken Soup

UPDATE *********************************************************** Well I spoke too soon....
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