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New York Part II

The second week of our time spent with the Marcoccia’s was spent at a cottage we rented with Gary’s parents on Keuka Lake. It was a cute little place tucked into a nice little community with the perfect amount of grassy lawn and a wade in beach. Jill and Larry provided a boat for a few days to play on the water with and Danielle visited a couple of time too. We also had some good visits with many Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins. It was nice to experience the sweet life of lake living for a bit. Gary and his parents have fond memories of the lake from years past and now I understand their nostalgia for it all.


Gary, Ellie, and I also took a morning to go explore the Garrett Memorial Chapel on the tip of the Keuka Lake Bluff.  It’s a beautiful wee church set in the the wood with lovely views of the lake. Ellie had a good time exploring all the paths, stairways, and surroundings.

Once we were back at the Marcoccia residence Gary took Ellie and I to his favorite park as a kid.  It’s a great little place up on a hillside overlooking Horseheads and the surrounding area. There is a family run small amusement park with rides for toddlers, mini golf, go carts, and such. The rides are apparently the same rides Gary experienced when he was Ellie’s age and even Bada and Papa remember them from their youth. In fact as a youngster Gary’s Mom had a recurring dream about the tug boats on Harris Hill.

Finally, we were able to celebrate Aunt Danielle’s birthday. She was gracious enough to share the occasion with Ellie and let her do some practice rounds of blowing out the candles on the cake and singing Happy Birthday. Thank you Danielle for sharing your day and involving Ellie in such a sweet way. She has been singing Happy Birthday all week and last night she knew exactly what to do with those candles.

New York Part II

The second week of our time spent with the Marcoccia’s was spent at a cottage we...
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