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New Favorite Song

Gary came across this excellent Paul McCartney song the other day “Heart of the Country“. He was excited to discover such an excellent melody as was I. Maybe this will become the Marcoccia theme song. We do want a little farm someday. I love the beach video with Sir Paul and his original true love Linda very sweet.


I’m totally getting into these youtube clips fun stuff…

oh, and here is a little bonus poem/rant of Gary’s…

Can’t trust the machine. Rotten food consumed by helpless babies
with families that can’t afford to pay for anymore than the big
grocery store brands. Time to farm it up. Be sustainable. Don’t
rely on semi-trailers hauling rotten spinach and meat 2000 miles
to make you sick, or die.

We’re coming to farm it up my friend. Here is a preliminary 3-
year plan I am spewing out as I type…this outlines our
migration to the heartland of my youth. A place with forests
and lakes.

  • Year 1:
    • Potatoes & tomatoes galore to get the soil conditioned
    • Install coup and bring 12 Hens on board, with one Rooster
    • Prune legacy fruit trees and berry bushes
    • Get annual herb garden in the ground
    • Dig root cellar for Potato stock
    • Fence in 1-3 acres for livestock
    • Establish relationship with local food co-op
    • Register booths at ALL market’s within two hour drive
  • Year 2:
    • Purchase rootsy flat bed truck for market trips
    • Embrace more heirloom varieties in garden
    • Bring sheeps and goats on board in fenced acreage
    • Expand free range chicken farm for co-op
    • Build outdoor clay oven
    • Sing to fruit trees and berry bushes with Ellie
    • Harvest first season of sheepwool and goat milk
  • Year 3:
    • All of the above, plus add annual summer trip to Alaska, where I’ll return with 65 lbs of smoked and frozen wild Salmon

New Favorite Song

Gary came across this excellent Paul McCartney song the other day “Heart of the...
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