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A classic from Jeb


Hola, Gary here. I thought I would post lyrics to one of our favorites from Jeb Puryear and Donna the Buffalo. So it goes, way back during the Christmas of 2007, Danette and I went to the Treadway Inn in Owego, NY, for Jeb’s Solo CD Release Party. The album is Hopes & Dreams, and although this song really has nothing to do with that night (other than it’s a Jeb song), I couldn’t help but mention that special night…which subsequently was our first “date night” since Ellie came a long.

BTW, Jeb Puryear is singer, songwriter and guitar player for Donna the Buffalo, and frankly, a living legend. And in case you’re interested (this is pretty neat) DtB has a cool site called, where you can search for song lyrics, get set lists and much more.


I’m just a visitor here, now that’s all right
I’m just a visitor here, now that’s all right
The prospect of dying makin’ life so strange
Just a worker bee workin’ out on the range
It’s coming clear
I’m just a visitor here

I feel the glory, the coming of the sun
I feel the glory, the coming of the sun
Behold the dawn it’s setting just beyond
We’re just getting started getting things done
Destiny’s near
I’m just a visitor here

But I’ve come busy doin’ what I can
Furthering the world’s gracious plan
Always at a loss when not applied
Furthering the world’s gracious side
Little birdie, little birdie
Won’t you sing to me your song
Such a short time to be here
Such a long time to be gone

But I’ve become attached to the things that I’ve seen
Mothers smile and the fields of green
The way the sun sets on the valley below
The way the things you love seem to come and go
Then disappear
I’m just a visitor here

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