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Are We Ready for this?


You all remember Ellie’s stream of consciousness about how much she wanted to go to school a while back right? Well, today her dreams came true and she set foot on a new independent path. She is now in Preschool. Like a big girl. With a “pack pack”. Unfortunately her bus is a black VW jetta for the time being, but she is ok with that.  She crawled into bed with me this morning and said “Mommy I so excited for school today!” When we got there and met her teacher I could tell she was ready, ready to dive in and make friends and poor her heart into the activities. Me on the other hand I was stalling, wanting to hold her hand, awkwardly hesitating as all the kids arrived.

Owen and I eventually left and wandered around Heber until it was time to get Ellie. It was nice shopping with one kid again, being able to concentrate, take my time, and not have to say no every three seconds, but I found myself feeling a little lonely I didn’t have my “wee one” with me chatting and singing along.  Owen was good company and made things easy for me and I am actually very excited to get this one on one time with him where he can have all my attention.

Time passed soon enough and she came running out the door back into my arms and let me know with out words she missed me a little bit. She was full of all kinds of new information about the letter D and the “ddduhh duhh” sound it makes.  On the drive home she let me know she was tired. She said “Can I take a nap, in my room, where Owen wont disturb me?”  Very rarely does she make a request like this. So that’s where she is now in her bed with out any disturbances dreaming about school, her teacher, friends, and possibly the letter D…


  1. jen

    that totally made me cry. i loved the photos too!

  2. Jessika Bailey

    How sweet! Eliza also calls it a “pack pack”! Ceazy how quickly they grow!

  3. angie

    She looks so big! What a fun step for Ellie and you. 🙂

  4. grandma

    Oh my gosh I feel lonely too. She is not a wee one to much any more, but she will still be a wee one w/ me anyways.
    I am happy for her to make friends , this is a good thing.
    Love the pictures, great smiles.
    And tired is good!

  5. Danielle

    Yeah Ellie! Mike and I are so glad she had a good day! She looks absolutely adorable of course… so i am sure all the kids loved her and teachers too. Whats not to love! I am sure she exhausted herself learning about the letter D and needed that nap… Oh and its ok with me if you use my name to help her with the d sound 🙂 We are glad all went well! Congratulations on your first day of school Ellie!

  6. Jen Wasserloos

    YEAH, Ellie!!! that is so awesome!! where is she going? when? Hopefully, in the afternoons so she and Zak can have playtimes in the am!!! Can’t wait to hear the stories:)

  7. Aunt Laurie

    I love that little girl!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more!

    Love you all!


  8. Man… how sweet! I remember having the same feelings. Both of my kids LOVED preschool.

  9. Leslie

    McKenna said “pack pack” too. We are truly sisters as your explanation of hesitating before leaving her there is exactly how I feel every year. Even now with Bailey in 6th grade, I just feel the need to grab her and hold on and keep her. Lot’s of good “D” words like Dad, Dance, Danette, ding dong, Diet Coke . . .

  10. meriam

    Just wait until you hand her over to some unknown guy who wants to take her to the dance……
    Cute “wee-one” and cute pictures. They grow up so fast! You may thinnk they never will, but they do! And now all the fun stories begin!! Enjoy this time! It flies!


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