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Brussels Flower Carpet


We were lucky enough to have our vacation timed just right so that we could see the Flower Carpet in Brussels Belgium. This was an awesome experience the tapestry is made out of 700,000 begonias and all of them are grown in Belgium. It is displayed for only three days and four nights in the Market Square. It is assembled in less than 4 hours. CraZy. Needless to say it was beautiful.

Check out the my Flicker photo set of the event here. Also check out my sister’s take on it here.

We enjoyed everything Brussels had to offer. Including the famous or perhaps infamous Manneken Pis

The Chocolate…

This particular Chocolatier (Neuhaus) has been making chocolates since 1857. Their claim to fame is that they were the first to start making praline chocolates or filled chocolate, and yes they have pretty much perfected the art of chocolate.

the Waffels…

The waffels or gaffers are like none I have tasted they have this wonderful sugar coating that makes the crust so nice and crisp. Perfection…

The Architecture…

I have a flicker set for Brussels as well here.


  1. lesie

    Looks like you just posted! The link to your Brussles set of pictures didn’t work for me. I too agree with you about the Neuhaus chocolates, by far the best we tasted all week . . . or at all in my life. . . whichever. Plus their store and presentation rocked! Poor little Ellie, I remember we had to be on the move to make sure the entertainment was continuous, she really did awesome for not being a traveling babe.

  2. Leslie, I fixed that link. It was pointing to a thumbnail image instead of the gallery…

  3. Yep, Ellie either wanted her freedom from the backpack or to keep on moving, all business no hanging out or dilly dally unless she could participate sans the backpack. I can’t blame her really.

  4. Charie

    WOw! That is incredible! I am loving the pictures. Are both you and Gary getting these shots?

  5. DS

    If you long for Neuhaus Chocolates in the USA, a great website is They carry most of the Neuhaus Chocolates from Belgium. Yes they are great.

  6. Danette

    Yep it was both of us not sure who took what but I credit our excellent zoom on the camera for most of our good shots…

  7. WOW. I changed my plan and am going to Germany instead of Belgium. I hope I do not regret my decision!

  8. Angie

    Great pictures! Amazing buildings! I love seeing all of the fun things you did on your trip. We have to go to Cache Valley this weekend, but if you will be around, we could plan to come up next weekend? I still have your phone numbers, so I will call you!


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