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Catching Up


I love this blog stuff. I love it because it keeps me close to my family. It is so great to be able to show the Frandsen’s in Germany and the Marcoccia’s in NY what we are up to and how much Ellie is growing and changing. I also love it because it has been the catalysis for getting back in touch with some friends.

Earlier this week Ellie and I took a little trip up North to catch up with my friend Robyn. I met Robyn in 1996, she was my roommate at Goldminer’s Daughter in Alta the first winter I spent up there. We got a long right away. I remember the first night there I was so intimidated and was pretty much “hiding out” in my room being the classic introvert that I am. She called me up and convinced me to walk across the hall and meet some of my fellow GMD cohorts. We had so much fun that winter, we both got stuck down the canyon during a major snow storm and stayed at my aunt Laurel’s house until the canyon opened back up and we could hitch a ride from Jim and Elfrieda Shane (owners of the GMD at the time). Robyn had picked up a little frog at the mall and I agreed to sneak it up the canyon in my bag. When the Shane’s came to pick us up they had their friends the McConkey’s with them and a dog. The dog proceeded to sniff and scratch at the bag the whole way up the canyon and Robyn kept taping my leg and grabbing my hand every time he scratched as I tried to keep a conversation with the Shanes’ and McConkeys going so they wouldn’t notice or suspect anything.  The rest is history…

Yesterday we had the pleasure of catching up with the Hamond’s. Angie and Steve both went to High School with me. Steve and I went to grade school together. I have such fond memories of Angie and Steve and our “gang” of friends we were such good kids and had so much fun together. Angie said this on her post as well we didn’t skip a beat, even though it’s been a while it didn’t feel that way. A sign of a good friendship and the strength of the bond we had when we were teenagers. We really enjoyed their company. Their kids are so sweet and cute. Angie’s daughter Brooke is so good with Ellie it was fun to watch them play and Chase is the spitting image of Steve it’s crazy. Their youngest Austin has a great personality and cracked us up a few times.


  1. grandma mckenney

    What a great weekend, so glad you caught up w/ Angie & Robyn!!

  2. Angie

    Thanks again! I will let you know about Sundance, but plan on sometime in late September or October! You are welcome to come down anytime you need a break from your gorgeous view 🙂

  3. Charie

    So fun! I look forward to getting together with you all! We are looking in HEBER COUNTRY 🙂 Not as many homes there for a decent deal 🙂 but we are looking! That would be cool to be close but I still hope your house sells for your sake. How frustrating the market is right now.


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