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Enjoying Winter


We have taken Ellie skiing a couple of times now. Twice to Alta and once just up here in Timbucktoo on the roads. Unfortunately I have only one measly video of it all. Gary put it up of facebook a while ago so lots of friends and family have seen it already but I want to be sure to journal it here on the family blog too.

Skiing with Ellie is definitely a challenge lugging the extra gear, carrying her when she has just had enough, and supporting her in general is exhausting. Fortunately for me my big belly keeps me out of the game and it is all up to Gary. I did try to go down the hill with her but she wanted Daddy not me. Gary even admits it’s a harder workout then skiing “Eddies High Know Where” (one of the more challenging runs in Alta).  We both agreed last weekend that it maybe a little too early for her. She wants to sit down all the time poor thing needs more muscle in those skinny little thighs. Baby steps though, she is interested in the skis and likes going down the hill with Gary she lets out some hoots and hollers as they go she is just not happy in the flats where we have to work a little harder. Pretty normal that’s just how I feel about it too.


Here is what we did on New Years Eve…


It was actually pretty comical because the fire fizzled out after 5 minutes. We had a great Christmas tree that was very green and didn’t want to burn. Once the fire went out Ellie wanted nothing to do with being outside she promptly walked onto the porch and right to the door. Then she was ready for bed. Needless to say none of us made it to midnight I don’t think we even made it to 10pm for that matter. The neighbors down the road let us know when it was midnight though lots of fireworks and such.

We have been enjoying the weather up here. Utah is a funny place with the inversion and all. If you live roughly above 6000 ft you get perfect sunny days with blue skies. Below that you get fog, smog, and cold weather. So in January when the inversions is at it’s worst we are grateful to be in Timbucktoo breathing fresh air and catching plenty of Vitamin D. We spent one of those days at Solder Hollow a few weeks ago. Ellie was a little too small for the hill. (I think next time we can do it though) So they let us play around for free on a tiny hill close by…

We have also been enjoying walks with our neighbors Jen and Zak. We took a big walk this last week. Zak and Ellie were having a great time giving each other “nature talks” and pointing out the trees, sky, and birds.

Finally, the hours we spend inside lately have been spent dressing up. Ellie rediscovered the Birthday present that Aunt Danielle got for her. It has several fancy outfits and some lovely plastic high heel shoes. Everyday Ellie goes through the ritual of stripping down and putting on the princess outfits then coming out of the room and surprising Mom and Dad with a proud smile and her arms up in the air saying “look”. It has been very entertaining and silly. In fact Ellie woke up one morning at 4:30 am and immediately started to put on the shoes and look for the “dresses”. Mom had forgotten to put it away. She was very upset that she had to go back to bed and wait for a decent dress up hour.  The princess in her has found her way out I even caught her putting on some of my lipstick the other day and she did it perfect. It wasn’t smudged a bit just applied as dainty as could be right on those smackers. What a girl…

and on this note Ellie as begun to develop some “isms” Ellieisms that is. She is learning her manners and when given something she says “thank you” and then quickly follows up with a “your welcome”.  When she wants to see what your doing she brings her little chair over to stand on and says “excuse me” in her wee voice which no one can resist stepping aside and allowing her to move in. She is also learning to use please when asking or more often demanding something she wants. It’s nice to hear these words sneak into her vocabulary and it’s nice that she is using them on her own without Mom and Dad’s encouragement.


  1. Danielle

    Well this little Princess looks beautiful and is learning her “royalty” manners 🙂 What a sweet thing!

  2. Leslie

    Love it all! The snow is beautiful. We feel like we are having a “Utah” winter in Germany this year, the most snow we’ve seen since we moved here and it is sticking. The kids have had SO much outdoor play in it which is great because we haven’t lived near snow since Bailey was born. Now if the German’s could just decide that the roads need to be plowed when it snows . . . .

  3. grandma mckenney

    Me Too I love it all. Especially the hand holding pic, soo cute!
    She has had so many adventures already what a sweetie.
    See you soon!

  4. she is a treasure I wish I could see her more often.

  5. Angie

    Little girls and dress ups are the best! What a princess. Soldier Hollow looks like a nice place to go sledding! Our Christmas tree is still laying outside waiting to get picked up from the city. Maybe we should try your method…smores in the winter. 🙂

  6. Sarah

    I really love those pics! They are perfect! In the pic with her antenna’s she is such a beautiful fairly/flower/gypsy/butterfly/belly dancer princess!


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