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I have decided that fall is my favorite time of year. There is so much beauty in the fall as nature prepares for winter. I love the dramatic color change in the leaves and the crisp air. I also like the feeling of fall the harvesting that goes on and such. The taste of fall is good too with the different flavors that come into season like pumpkin, pears, apples, squash, and so on.  In an effort to soak up these few precious weeks of fall we have committed to taking daily family walks each morning. We really do live in a beautiful spot up in the mountains surrounded by color. Ellie seems to really enjoy her mornings out and it is good prep for a morning nap she usually falls right out when we get back. Which tells you something about how good the cool crisp air is for you. As for me and Gary it is time well spent clearing out minds and preparing for our day.


  1. angie

    I am with you. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year! The mountains have been so beautiful. You are lucky to live right in the middle of it! Good for you guys to get out and enjoy it. If I lived closer, I would love to go on a nice morning walk through the Fall trees!

  2. Leslie

    Love the shot of Gary trying to poke his head in. Is he shooting or you? And Ellie is just so dang cute even when she looks . . . what is that look? We too are enjoying the color all around us. We actually went without jackets today because the temp was up. Probably the calm before the cold. I’m taking control of family life on Monday, mandatory road trip to the south to see the forest of color. Should be well worth it!

  3. grandma mckenney

    It’s always been my favorite time of year too.
    I love the foods of fall !
    Great pics

  4. When can we hang out?

  5. Leslie- I shot all of the pics in this post. Gary was trying to mimic an old SNL character that would sneak into random places. I’m not sure what that look of Ellies is either but I promise she really does enjoy the walks…

    Bridge, Sara, and Charie – I’m planning on spending the weekend of the 18th and 19th in Logan with my parents, perhaps we can get together for some lunch or something that would be lovely

  6. charie


    we are loving this beautiful state and the fall colors. I would love to drive up to see you before all the leaves fall! We are waiting for our vehicles to be transported.

    The deck looks amazing! I love the pictures of Ellie on it. So cute!

    I don’t think we are going to be in Logan when you are going up. Although I cannot say for sure because we don’t have a firm plan yet. UGHHH!

  7. Sara

    Great pictures! It’s so fun to see all of the colors AND be able to anticipate the great snow to come! WOOO HOOO! Awesome ski season, here I come! (Can you tell I’m excited to have a season pass this year?!?!) I just know there is going to be a TON of snow! We will have to get together and have another great ski day! We could plan it at Alta or somewhere closer to you this time.

    Anyways, I hope you’ll come up again soon when we are in town. We are pretty much always gone over UEA, with the kids and I off from school and work.


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