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Father and Mother Christmas


We took Ellie and Owen to visit Santa and Mrs. Claus last weekend. Ellie was very excited to talk to Santa. We talked about what she would ask for all week. Each time she would mention a Ballerina. When it was Ellie’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap she told him in her wee voice that she wanted a ballerina. We were very proud of the wee one for coming out of her shell and being brave enough to sit on Santa’s lap. I could tell she was out of her comfort zone. She must really want that ballerina.

Waiting for our turn


  1. Aunt Laurie

    Santa and Mrs. Claus look GREAT! Can’t wait to see the Ballerina that he brings to that pretty little girl! What did Owen ask for? 😉

  2. angie

    What a cute Santa and Mrs. Claus! It is so nice when they are past the “scared” stage and actually sit on his lap and make a request. Cute, sweet Ellie!

  3. Danielle

    Good job Ellie! She looked like she was pretty nervous to talk to Santa though! But she was brave to ask for what she wanted…. good girl!

  4. Jon and Tamara

    She is so cute! Did she tug on Santa’s beard to see if it was real? See ya soon!


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