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Happy Valentines


I know I’m a day late and a dollar short as usual. We had a good day here at home. I made some sugar cookies. Gotta love pink frosting. It somehow got everywhere. We had dinner reservations at a new restaurant in Heber but Adah decided to go off on one of her infamous neighborhood expeditions and didn’t come back until 7pm. Needless to say we didn’t make it to dinner. OOh that dog! Gary recovered the night though by making dinner for me and doing the dishes. (Thank you my love.)


I had planned to get this great book for Gary as a Valentine but let me down and wasn’t going to fulfill my order until the 22nd of February for no apparent reason, when I signed up for two day delivery. So, in a fit of rage I canceled the order. I don’t understand why a big old consumer machine like Amazon can’t fulfill orders the day they come in? I wrote a rant to their customer service knowing that its not going to do me any good but was nice to vent. I vowed to use my local independent bookstore from now on and encourage everyone else to do the same.

Anyway, we did have a good day despite the little hiccups along the way. On the positive side we had a beautiful sun rise this morning see….


  1. You know… Max and I will have to come and visit you.

  2. Danielle

    How funny is she! Gary has taught her well I’d say! Bummer you missed out on your Valentines Day dinner… but seeing Ellie’s reaction to the missing Adah makes it all worth while! 🙂 The sunrise is gorgeous!

  3. Laurie

    How lucky you are to live in such a “picture postcard” world!! That sunrise is beautiful I wish the color stuff worked on my printer. I would hang that picture up in my office! Hope to see you while you are up this weekend.

    Happy late Valentines. I love you guys too!

  4. gay

    Beautiful sunrise after such a blustery day. I’m also loving Adah’S picture at the top of the blog. Grandpa loved those truffles that you gave your mom the recipe for that I almost didn’t get one.

  5. Leslie

    So cute pictures and video. The scenery is beaooootiful. By the way, you better get back to that restaurant because they have jager schnitzel. That way you can compare it to the genuine German schnitzel here and see if they really got it right! Hey, I’m going to try to call you right now, I just realized I can, you’ll be up and about!

  6. roxanne

    Love the picture of the sun rise. It looked like a post card at first. Did you take it? If so it is really good.

  7. Charie

    I cracked up of the video of Ellie. She is so darn cute. It is always the dads that get them to do the cute and silly things. I love hearing Gary in the background.

    I loved this whole post!


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