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Heber Valley Fun


Grandma Marcoccia arrived yesterday after spending the night in the Denver airport (Ugh Wish we could have scheduled better). She is a trooper though and although we tried to get her to nap with Ellie she couldn’t settle so we took her out and experienced Heber.

First up the Heber Creeper… We did the short ride out to Deer Creek and back. It was a fun ride with excellent views of the valley and I must say right now is the perfect time to go while everything is still green and lush and the flowers are abundant. It is a classic Heber Valley experience.

For more pictures of the train ride go here.

Next… We discovered the Heber Valley Pow Wow at Soldier Hollow. Another great event with lots of singing, dancing, and drumming. I got a little picture happy but I couldn’t help it the dancing was so awesome and the kids so cute. Wish we could have stayed longer.

For more pictures go here.


  1. Bridge

    I’ve always wanted to do the Heber train ride… maybe i’ll come down with the kids and do it.

  2. grandma mckenney

    Oh my gosh, the train ride looked fun but the pow wow looked awsome. Those costume were amazing, we should have come, remind us for next year!

  3. Leslie

    Hey, I recognize that cute yellow outfit! Countin’ down the days til I get my hands on her!

  4. Leslie

    It is Bailey commenting this time! That looks so cool i wish i could of come!!!!!! so i read harry potter 1 time (i started it this spring break in April) and now ( i read the whole series!) i am on the 4th book for the 2nd time!!!! can’t wait to see you Bailey

  5. Sara

    That looked like a fun day! It reminded me of the Pow Wow’s in Montana in one of the towns close to where we worked in Glacier. Do you remember that? When are you headed over seas? SO JEALOUS!!!

  6. Michelle

    SO FUN!!! We love the Heber Creeper!!! Never done the pow-wow – that looks amazing! We’ll have to add that to our list of things to do!!!
    Thanks for always sharing cool places to see in our backyard!!!
    Ü Michelle


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