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He’s a Big Boy


It’s very peculiar to me that we can have a tiny little girl who was below average on the “charts” her first year of life and then a super sized boy who is in the 90th percentile on the “charts” and just keeps getting bigger and bigger by the day. When I was preparing for Owen I purchased wee things like newborn size pjs and a smaller then usual bassinet thinking I would have another wee baby like Ellie was. Oh boy was I wrong he is now filling out the 6 month size clothes we have for him and is maxing out his bassinet, bath tub, and sleep sacks.

And just for kicks here is what we found sprouting up in our bath tub the other night…



  1. grandma mckenney

    We are all amazed at his growth! He is so cute! There is just more to love w/ those chubby cheeks to kiss on. Those are two special grandkids, love love love them.

  2. Leslie

    I love how Ellie is really coming out of her shy little shell as she grows. I remember only seeing stoic pictures of her, but not now. Now they are full of personality. Don’t take too much stock in those “charts”, did you know the research to put those together were on formula fed babies mostly? When I assess growth, the main thing I’m looking for is consistency on the percentile they start out at. Meaning, stay on the 90th without big drops or increases. and that means a happy healthy boy. Wish I could get my hands on his chubby cheeks. I wish I could be there this week to help you nurse mom back to health. I’ll be sending positive vibes out there and thanking you for being there for the both of us.

  3. kc

    Anxious to see you guys and the little(big) ones. We are back in Salt Lake Friday afternoon. Hopefully we can get together over the weekend. Adios. KC and Jodi

  4. Danielle

    I can not believe how big that baby boy is!! He is almost the same length as Ellie! Mike and i could not stop laughing at that new hair-do of Ellies! Love it!!!

  5. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    oh Danette, these pics are priceless. Ellie looks like she is so thrilled to hold her brother. The next pic is great! She is like okay he is getting heavy:) and Owen is like I’m good with all this. What a great ending with the bathtub knome. I can’t wait to squeeze all your cheeks. Miss all of you so much. I hope your mom has speedy recovery. She deserves it.


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