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Lazy Weekend


We had a slow and lazy weekend. Lounged around and enjoyed the sunshine. Sarah and I worked on some projects. While Gary got to enjoy his favorite fishing spot with our friend Jonny B. I love this picture of Sarah and Ellie. Ellie was pretty fascinated with the guitar. Hopefully this little introduction to the acoustic guitar will spark an interest in the future for Ellie.

She has officially grown her first tooth by the way. It broke through last week and she has been pulling some funny faces trying to figure it out. My favorite is the the lizard tongue. She is also full on crawling on her hands and knees and has made it across the room a couple of times. She also has some lizard type moves where she rocks a few times on her hands and knees before taking off. Like a Cameleon.


  1. grandma mckenney

    I love that picture too. I can’t wait to see all her new moves!!

  2. Bridge

    I love lazy weekends… i need to have one!

  3. Charie

    That is a perfect picture! Something calming about it reminds me of our good times hanging out in the mountains or around a camp fire. It really makes me miss you. Jonathan was looking at your blog last night and watched the footage of Ellie and the cheerios. He commented on what a cute little thing she is. I told him she is even cuter in person if that is possible. So sweet!

  4. Leslie

    Looks like you are finally enjoying beautiful weather! Can’t wait to get my hands on that kiddo! Enjoy your visit!


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