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Marcoccia Family Visit 2010


We spent the last 2 and a half weeks back east visiting Gary’s Family in New York. It was such a great time and we all loved every second of it. Especially Ellie and Owen because they were spoiled to the core by Bada and Papa and their Aunts. We packed in lots of fun with apple picking, a trip to the Adirondack Mountains, Farmland, Pumpkin Land, Ithaca Farmers Market, hike to Taughannock Falls and abundant parties at Bada and Papa’s house. Gary and I even got two more dates in while we were there. It was so nice to have a continuous conversation with him without any interruptions. Funny how little things like that slip through the cracks when raising up a family. We were also able to enjoy beautiful weather and the fall colors by the time we left the trees were popping with color.

Ellie had a huge milestone while we were there. She is officially potty trained!!!! It took a morning spent in the bathroom right before a big family party, but I was one determined Momma. She is a “big girl” now and very proud of her new accomplishment. Owen had a milestone as well he is sitting up on his own. Gary and Papa helped him work on this one day while the rest of us played in a corn maze. His longest stretch has been 10 minutes so far but he is doing well with it and loves his new perspective.

We flew in and out of Baltimore so we could have a direct flight with out any layovers. It’s a 5 hour drive from Papa and Bada’s house. I must say Ellie and Owen are good travelers. 5 hours in a car, 2 hours in an airport, 4 hours on an airplane, and 1 hour drive home. They were so good and when they did cry I couldn’t blame them because I would have like to have cried myself.

I have 266 pictures on my camera card and I even missed getting out the camera on a few occasions.   So needless to say there are a lot of photos to share…

I’ll start with our visit to ADK

The little ADK cottage

lovin' the Grandparents

Round Pond Hike

Kevin at Round Pond (He has grown a foot since we saw him last Feb)

"Sweet Tea" victims

Ellie at the cornmaze

Kevin being a good sport for the camera

Sitting all by himself

Love Ellie's new "smile for the camera" face

Playing by the Ausable River


Wild Women

Hike to Taughannock Falls near Ithaca, NY

Holding Owen's hand

Holding Daddy's hand

Pumpkin Land….

picking out a pumpkin for Bada and Papa

Ellie and Friends

Pumpkin Land had a funny way of feeding the goats

Farm Land…

Ellie was in love with the bunnies

Papa, Daddy, and Owen

get along little pony


  1. grandma

    What a special time you had! I love the fall time activites.
    Those two kids are just growing to fast, Owen looks like he is one already!
    Grandma Marcoccia welcome to the broken back ailment of just holding Owen, but his cheeks are just so fun to kiss!!
    So happy you got some alone time too.

  2. Leslie

    I have very little time to comment but I must say, Kevin is SO SUPER grown up!!! That was a little shocking! I can’t wait to show McKenna the bunnies, which I will this afternoon when I go back to read it all in detail. AND I love the kissing one on the lake.

  3. angie

    Oh, Danette, your little ones are so cute and growing fast! Looks like a great time in NY. Hope to see you soon. 🙂


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