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We are thinking about adding some paint to our living space. I love the cozy feeling of the wood paneling we have through out our house but I think we need to break it up a bit. Nothing to extreme and I refuse to paint over the beautiful natural wood. So our options are to paint the frames around the windows and perhaps the kitchen cupboards if I can talk the Man into it. Since we are also trying to sell our house we don’t want to go bold so I’m leaning toward natural warm colors that are similar to what we find outside our windows. Here are a few samples I picked up at the big Orange store the other day. I’m having a hard time seeing the big picture.Β  Do we want that deep brown or something with a hint of green or a nice light tone? Hmmmm. I like the small swatches they put some sand or something in it to giving it texture and make you think it looks like a rock or something. Kind of fun, but might be difficult to work with.


  1. “…if I can talk the Man into it”
    Ummm excuse me but I think I brought painting the window trims back up again this spring. πŸ˜‰ Oh and I like the idea of painting the cupboards as well. BTW I like the green tone…

  2. Sarah

    I like the green or the dark brown. I think the white would be too contrasty, but what do I know? πŸ™‚ My thought was that the dark brown would sort of go with the natural “knotty-pine” throughout the house. And the green would be a whole new color altogether, but would still have a natural “sage-y” look like your outdoor surroundings. Then I think that chocolate color would go with that terracotta red-ish color like you have in the kitchen? Also, is there a possibility you would want to work an aqua/turquoise color into the terracotta and chocolate? I here that’s the hip trend these days…:) There! I know that didn’t help at all, but made it even harder..hahaha, sorry…

  3. Angie

    I liked the second from the bottom. Whatever you choose will be wonderful!

  4. Danielle

    ok well i have 2 opinions… i like the 2nd from the bottom for the trim around the doors/windows and maybe inner rectangle of the cupboards only. I think it would be really cool to use that with the sand mixture for the texture.

    But i also like the very top one. That light green would look really nice any where that you might want to lighten things up a bit. Although its usually pretty bright in there with your big windows… maybe you could use it on the ceilings! πŸ™‚ ok that was a joke but it would be fun.

    the bottom i think is just a little too dark, and the green is just too green for trim… that would be a good color for a whole wall, but i am not so sure about trim. Sorry to contradict “the Man” & sarah – but i need to give my opinion i guess!!!


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