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Pelicans on the Bear River


Last week when I went to pick up the dogs from my parents I took a moment to admire these great birds. Mom and Dad live a short distance from the Bear River which is a wonderful place for migratory birds to gather. Every spring these guy show up for a short time. It’s a nice reminder that spring has sprung and the winter is coming to a close.




Anybody know who this guy is? Go ahead take a guess. I’ll be researching as well. He was hanging out with the Pelicans and I spied a whole bunch (perhaps a gaggle or a flock) of them by the Logan River as well. I think he is beautiful as well. I find myself fascinated by the crane like birds Blue Herons are one of my favorites there is an empirical quality to them. I think I’ve missed my chance to photograph the Sandhills that have been enjoying the farmers fields. Next year…



  1. jen

    i think that is a White-faced Ibis. which is pretty uncommon… i think it is a white faced ibis v.s. a glossy ibis because it has that white line around its eye and under its chin. cool pic.

  2. Danette

    thanks Jen I think your right I was reading on wiki that the white face Ibis has red eyes and the glossy ibis have dark eyes. I think they look red in the pic…


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