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Picnic at Red Butte Gardens


We decided to come down from the mountains on Saturday and visit the city. We were seeking out spring blooms, green grass, and warm air as opposed to our few feet of remaining snow, mud, and sad looking vegetation. So we packed a picnic and headed to Red Butte Gardens. The daffodils were out in all their glory but all the rest were still trying to come out of their winter slumber. It appeared that they had a touch of a frost as well some of the blooms were a bit haggard. We enjoyed ourselves none the less. Our favorite daffodil we picked out is the white with the orange neck. I also really like the yellow one that was clustery with orange highlights. They also had a great children’s garden that we will have to return to when it is in it’s glory. I would love to see the “Dragon” trellis in its peak I bet the kiddos go nuts over that.

They also had an event showcasing some Bonsai plants. Here are our favorites. The one on the left has been “in training for 80+ years”…


  1. I’ve shot bridals here before… I love it.

  2. You will have to go check out the International Peace Gardens in SL too. Gay and I went there on one of our Birthday trips to SL a couple of years ago. Of course, that early in the season, nothing was there, in fact, the crew were just preparing the flower beds, but it was obvious how beautiful this park would be in full bloom. I really want to go back there in June, July or August.


  3. Leslie

    What a fun family day! I was just getting ready to post about the spring yesterday but then it rained and I lost the inspiration. I’ll try again today. Glad you got out for the big bday boy! The flower pictures turned out great!

  4. Charie

    The pictures were so perfect! WOW I felt a wave of Danette homesickness…not sure the Utah trip was so good after all 🙂 I just didn’t get enough time with you guys! You both will be trying to move out East and we will be trying to move out West. What is wrong with us? I am just aching to get our families together now.

  5. Davidsons

    Before I married I used to live near Red Butte Gardens and Arboretum. It was so peaceful to go there and walk the paths with those big trees and their big shade. Relaxing just to think about it.
    Dee Ann


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