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SnowMen Instead of ScareCrows


Yesterday we woke up to three inches of fresh snow. I was a little surprised and taken off guard by it. It’s always delightful to go play in the first snow fall, but I wasn’t ready I had to think about where the mittens, hats, scarfs, ect were. I’m still not ready. It getting out all the winter gear just adds to the chaos of our tiny space.  Alas, I gave up trying to manage the overflowing bin of hats and gloves and just go out and delight in the new freshies and make peace with the changing season.

Owen's first sleigh ride

He Likes It!!

Today our snow pack doubled and once again I wrangled with the hats and gloves. I stuffed my kids in their puffy clothes. Wrestled with those uncooperative mittens and boots. We went out and made delightful snowmen. A Momma and a Baby as per Ellie’s request. Owen seems to be interested in the snow and smiled when Ellie showed him a snowball yesterday. Today he wanted to get up close to it and made it down to his stomach where his nose could touch it. He laughed for a bit and then realized it was cold and the laugh turned to complaint. He tolerated it well for a 7 month old. I wouldn’t expect anything less from the decedent of a ski bum 🙂

Snowman Hugs

We had a morning visit with Mr. Moose too

The chickens are not so delighted, but they are surviving, typical for a bunch of fancy ladies


  1. Leslie

    It is funny how when we talked last night I said I never thought I would end up in my current life (not saying it is bad, but hard) and you said the same thing, BUT after a day like today, I would like to request your life! 😉 All I can say is Budda Baby and well of course I have to also say he looks like the little bro from “The Christmas Story” but that one is obvious. McKenna is SO jealous. She made me “click on weather” to see when we get our snow. Nothin’ in the forecast this week. FYI, Mark called tonight and even with the sun down it is 90 degree’s and he has his AC cranked . . . he is officially in hell. So you think Gary needs a workin’ buddy?? I know just the right person . . I would even get chickens too!

  2. angie

    And so it begins! Looks like a good time! Time to get ski passes. 🙂

  3. Danielle

    Looks like lots of fun! Although i have to say i am glad that snow is not here!!! 🙂 The snowmomma and snow baby are adorable too… Enjoy the cold – i will enjoy the 70 degrees it is here today 😀

  4. grandma

    I have to say he is a cut off the ski bum block for sure! He is really enjoying it , so funny cute. Gary is probably one proud papa.
    You are great at enjoying what comes your way with those cutie pies.

  5. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    What great times!! I love all the pics. Two little ski bums!

  6. mark

    great pix. wish we were there with you guys. i dig owen’s shades and the smile on ellie’s face while she’s in with the chickens. good stuff.


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