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Christmas Backlog


We enjoyed Christmas this year so much we lost ourselves in it. It was a special Christmas for Gary, Ellie and I this year because we were able to combine both the Marcoccia’s and the McKenney’s. My parents decided to come along with us to New York and spend the Holidays with the Marcoccia’s. So needless to say our hearts were full and we had a wonderful time. Everyone got along fine. The Grandpa’s talked, and talked, and talked, and the Grandma’s cooked, and cooked, and cooked. Pretty much we were gluttons this Christmas. We were spoiled! We all came home 10 pound heavier literally. This I am not proud of and Gary has put himself on an oatmeal diet the last few days, and Ellie, oh my little sweet Ellie, well she is going to have to adjust to just one Mommy now and a few no’s thrown her way.

We have a ton of Photos up on flickr Check out our Christmas 2009 set here

After Christmas we had a Cider making day. It was a beautiful day so we brought out the apple press and made some cider up in the barn

My parents and I took a day trip to Niagara Falls. It was COLD. We were a little bummed out to find that the walk way was closed due to ice build up from the mist off the falls. We did well though it was a blue sky day and we had a nice lunch with a view of the river. On the way back we took route 14 down along Seneca Lake which turned out to be a good choice as the sunset we enjoyed a nice view of the NY Finger Lakes landscape.

Now we are home and I’m overwhelmed with a truck load of things I need to unpack, a house I need to get organized, groceries I must shop for, a body I need to get back into shape, and a winter I need to start enjoying.


  1. Leslie

    Yeah, your back in the saddle. Don’t feel pressure to get everything done NOW, just let it roll. Your pictures are so great, the reds and blues are just so vibrant against the snowy landscape. I see pictures of Ellie and want to squeeze her so bad! Are you going to come see me when I’m alone and lonely?! Sure would be fabulous girl time. . . because . . . uh. . . there is only girls?! All the men in my life here (that’s one) are leaving me. Poor pitiful me. Is the sad story working to motivate another European adventure? We’ll have to wait and see.

  2. Angie

    Welcome back! It looks like you had such a great time. I’m glad your parents enjoyed themselves as well. Could you make it up your hill? I’m sure Gary worked off any extra weight shoveling 🙂

  3. grandma mckenney

    Wow, you got some good pictures! Yes we had a very indulging holiday back to the grind for us all. We loved every minute of it . Thanks for letting us tag along. And are we going to Leslies? Found a good price for Linda to join us.
    Love ya , hope Ellie dosn’t have too bad of attention withdrawl. HA HA

  4. Charie

    Dan I know what you mean about the Christmas weight gain. I gained five pounds easily maybe more I am afraid to weigh myself. I was all pumped to come home and start getting into shape and we have had sick throwing up kids and have been trapped inside for a week. I am trying not to go crazy as I am still in my pjs and smell of poop and throw up.

    NY looked awesome. It is so cool you were able to have both sets of parents there. I miss your mom… maybe we can meet up sometime soon.

    The pictures of ellie at christmas are so cute.

  5. Charie

    Not a single picture of you on flikr????

  6. Charie, Here is a pic from early in the trip, but you’re right…she isn’t putting up all the beautiful pictures of herself. (I’ll see if I can hack into the Flickr account sometime and upload some of my favorites she has on her laptop 😉 -G

  7. meriam

    You guys all have such wonderful adventures! What a neat sleigh that Ellie is on. Grandma Jackson was telling me about it last night.
    Glad you are ALL back safe and sound!
    Have you been snowed in up there? We are sick of it already down the mountain from you!
    Have a great New Year!


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