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Revisiting the Big Blue


Last weekend we took the kids on an overnight camp out to Bear Lake. Bear Lake is an hour drive from where I grew up. It is a beautiful lake with a rich blue hue. I was flooded with nostalgia when we finally had it in our sites. I spent quite a few summer days there playing on the beach, wading in the waters, and sizzling my skin. We were lucky to grab a camp site on the East side. It was a busy weekend. All be it a little bit of a grungy campsite and people all around I was happy to be there and to share it with my family.

Ellie played "Coffe Shop" for a while

Best Beach Bubble Session Ever




  1. Angela

    Bear Lake…oh, the memories. Looks like you guys had a perfect spot and a great time. 🙂

  2. Bada

    Can’t beat sharing your favorite childhood memories. Looking like some new memories were kicking in. Great Pics!

  3. Leslie

    Love that sunset picture!! I love your little set-up, so fun to break away for a bit.


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