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Opening a Shop


So I took a step forward with the Sweater Pants and opened a little shop on Etsy. It’s kind of a big deal for me since one of my personality flaws is being overly self conscious. I’ve been threatening to do this ever since I first discovered Etsy well over a year ago. I love the idea of Etsy I love handmade stuff, I love the artistry, and I love that they have created avenues for people to buy and sell goods that are made straight from the heart wrapped with good intentions. So here I am taking a leap and trying it out. I think it’s a good thing to help nudge me to be more creative and make time for more creativity. I have definitely let myself fall into a bit of a slump up here in Timbucktoo. So, take a looks see at the wee shop of mine. I’m planning to add more inventory soon. I see sweater skirts, pillows, and hats in the near future. I just might try making wee pants out of men’s or women’s dress shirts as well. There are many possibilities…


  1. This is the start of something really good…I can sense it.

  2. mom

    I agree, Gary. Danette, everything looks great! I wish us adults could buy some of these creations. They look so warm and cuddly…. Good Luck to you –not that you need it:)

  3. Angie

    Yeah, Danette! What a great idea. You will do well, and I will be sure to pass around the website to potential buyers!!

  4. Charie

    I am so proud of you for just going for it. They are so cute! I loved the picture of them hanging on the line. I definitely think you should take some shots of them on baby models (just body shots) because I loved the picture of Ellie in hers. It really shows how adorable they actually look on.

    So so cute~!

  5. Leslie

    All I can say is FINALLY! Now hurry up and make a million dollars so that I can get that loan!

  6. I just blogged about it and put up one of your pictures. I hope that is ok.

  7. Sarah

    Danette I LOVE this! What an innovative idea and they look so picturesque hanging in the trees like that! It looks like something from an LL Bean catalog, just way cooler! Your shop is super cute too, very impressive!!!

  8. Betsy Reis

    Danette, these are sooo cute, what a great way to recycle old sweaters! I wish Kai was still a toddler so he could wear these pants! That is so great too, that you are selling on Etsy… it’s one of my favorite websites! You go girl!!
    Hope to see you and Gary sometime soon…



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