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Another Day in Paradise


Well it’s snowing again and Gary has the fever for powder so he is out playing in the snow this morning. Ellie and I are trying to keep ourselves busy. So far Ellie has enjoyed bath time, swing time, Baby Einstein time (just while I fix lunch I swear), and hopefully some nap time soon. As for me I have managed to get sucked into the internet vortex. This happens quite often to me as we only have the “Rabbit Ear Network” for TV. I can only imagine the brain drain I would have if we actually had cable. Although I find it interesting that we are going to be able to watch the Super Bowl this weekend but we definitely can’t watch any presidential candidate debates. Something fishy about that. So, I have decided to post about my internet carousing so I don’t feel like my time spent this morning is for not. So to start with I’d like to share some of my favorite websites…

Radio Paradise – A California based internet radio station that has excellent taste in music. I can’t get enough, love it.

Design*Sponge – A classy little blog that has all kinds of great links to trendy things. (warning makes you want to shop)

Not Martha – Need I say more?

Ikea Hacker – Lots of goodies here if only I had a bigger house.

Garden Punks – Gary found this gem of a blog the other day still getting to know it but love it so far.

Alright now go surf away :0) …


  1. grandma mckenney

    Well I really think you should move to Paridise,Cache Valley!!!

  2. Hey – thanks for the link (and being called a gem ::blush::)! I try to be funny, interesting, and provocative (aka. troublemaker), so I appreciate that I’m actually maybe accomplishing at least 1/3!

    Looking forward to hearing more of what you have to say.

    Katie at GardenPunks

  3. Hey Thanks for checking in and the comment, Katie! We added GardenPunks to the blogroll on our sidebar. Rock on organically! -Gary & Danette


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