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It’s a Round Ball


Last weekend we had the pleasure of seeing our favorite band play in Salt Lake City. We boogied into the wee hours, enjoyed the music, and relished in the company of our friends who joined us…

This is one of my favorite songs…

Family Picture

The world is a wondrous puzzle
Everyone a piece and every piece fits
Every piece is alive making energy
Energy pulls the pieces together
Into a round ball
And there is love
It’s a round ball
And there is love

The ball jumps the ball rolls
The ball lives in the moment I am told
The ball pumps and rolls with the flow
The ball laughs as it bounces

Sure as the sunrise it doesn’t matter
the shape of the hat
It all fits together in a family picture
And every wall’s got room for that

Every piece is a part of the whole
No one piece more important than the rest
So stand up, take a number
Every piece here’s got someplace to go
It’s a round ball
And there is love
It’s a round ball
And there is love
There is love

Hey there look at you, you got nothin’ else to do
you got any bright ideas
Tumbleweed rolling by
Catch the dust up in your eye
Saddle up the grey and ride out

by Donna The Buffalo

Donna The Buffalo filmed performing Family Picture at the State
Theatre in Ithaca, March 2007:


Thanks Mom for taking care of Ellie while we went out to play….


  1. Yep and we might just get to see them again on December 12th in Troy, NY. As we’ll be back east for a few weeks for the holidays.

    Talk about feel good music. Their songs are strongly message based, and many are centered around an outlook of universal love and acceptance. Interesting site: (DtB lyrics database)

    We better watch it or we’re going to be a part of The Herd before you know it. Me thinks Ellie would love the travel, and camaraderie of The Herd 😉

    Here are some of my favorite lyrics. This is a song from Jeb’s solo album “Hopes and Dreams”. The song is rightly called “Universal Love”. Picture a deliberately slow tempo. Jeb with acoustic, and Hank Roberts on the Cello. Sorry to be sappy, but it is touching:

    Junkies on a wire
    Ugly on the news
    Society quagmired
    So muddled and confused

    But your smile
    And the laughter from the trees
    Message of universal love
    Whispered on a breeze

    So lead the way
    Lead the way down to the sea
    With the wind in our sails
    Once again we’ll be fishing for fairy tales
    Fairy tales

    Universal love
    Like the coming sun
    It’s everywhere for everyone
    Don’t you know it’s by your side
    Everywhere you go
    All of the time

  2. Wow looks like fun. It has been so long since I have been to a good show. I am glad you had a fun night with your man. You two are such fun people I wish we lived closer. I was jealous when I heard you girls had a movie night. I will have to come stay with Charie soon and we can hook up.
    Hey remember all the great show with Mountain Hippie Band. Oh those were the days. The only thing that ever happens around here are crappy cover bads that play really bad songs. I am in the need for some culture!

  3. Angie

    So glad you were able to have a nice night with some good music! When do you leave for NY? Love the lyrics you posted…you guys are so wonderful!!



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