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4th of July Weekend


* Park Silly Sunday Market on Saturday (How silly is that?)

* Toddler temper tantrum mega melt down over balloons

* A visit to the garden

* Last of the Louisiana Gulf Shrimp BBQ

* Impromptu dance on the porch

* Viewing fireworks from atop a TL ridge while enjoying a PBR and Oreo pairing, and sleeping wee ones in the back seat.

* The morning scramble to get to the parade

* Catching up with best friends

* Enjoying PC Parade on the 4th of July (not the 2nd, 3rd or the 5th)

* Yummy Buffalo Burger and Bloody Mary’s for lunch amidst 3 diaper changes

* Cracking up over how my baby boy looks so manly in his muscle shirt

* A stroll to the park to listen to some live music

* Two snow cones shared with the Wee One

* Two days of sheer “bounce house” joy

* Reaching a milestone, Owen’s first complete roll over (so glad he timed it so you could be apart of it Bada)


  1. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    What a great 4th of July! Our young heavy hauler is on his way down to a new route now 🙂 Oh Ellie, Ellie, Ellie, sounds like you are becoming a independent little girl! I guess you are both showing your independence on the right day.

  2. Danielle

    Sounds like a great weekend!!! Love the muscle shirt 🙂

  3. Leslie

    I love that you made a whole weekend out of it, doing something everyday as a family. It really sounds like such a classic 4th weekend, I’m starting to forget how it is supposed to go. Love Ellie’s dress 😉 and the shirt is really classic too. By the way, what’s a PBR?

    Don’t worry, my 11 year old pitched a fit over balloons this weekend too. They must be REALLY important in a kids life. . .

  4. Danette

    Leslie a PBR is a cheap beer Pabst Blue Ribbon. What is it with Balloons? And “bounce houses” have become our nemesis every event we go to there they are and Ellie has to jump.


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