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6th Annual Pumpkin Carve


We got together with friends yesterday to carve up our pumpkins. This has been a tradition for the last few years and it is always so much fun to see what people come up with. We usually have a vote for the best carved up pumpkin. KC won this year with his interpretation of a vaudeville villain curly mustache and all.

A few years back our friend Bill won with his “Mr. Meowkins” pumpkin. Glorious “Mr. Meowkins” is still talked about to this day it was the silhouette of a cat in a moon which wasn’t really apparent until the candle was put in place.

We dressed the Wee One up in her costume and it was a hit. She looks so cute I’m very pleased with it. She seemed to be happy with it as well. I was surprised how well she tolorated the hat. In fact she brought it over to me this morning and is eating her breakfast in it. Pretty funny.


  1. grandma mckenney

    I’m laughing so hard, I didn’t think you would get her to wear that costume after last weekend. YEA! And even w/ breakfast, so cute!
    Looked like lots of fun, and by the way your shirt is cute. NEW?

  2. Sara

    Great pumpkins and cute costume! I love Halloween…the kids are so much fun to watch. They get so excited about it all.

  3. Angie

    What an adorable butterfly cotume! Your pumpkins look great as well. We will have to get our knives out this week! Trick-or-Treating?

  4. Leslie

    That is awesome! She looks so darn cute! Did you make it yourself? We carved last night too, must have been in the air to massacre a couple of pumpkins. =) I’ll post ours in a bit! Good to see all the adult creativity!

  5. Danielle

    Oh my! Ellie…what a character! I am cracking up that she “brought it” to you to eat her breakfast in. Maybe she thinks its another pet? Anyway its nice to know she loves Halloween costumes as much as Grandma Marcoccia 🙂 – so is she still wearing it???

  6. Mom Marcoccia

    That’s right Danielle!! Go Ellie Go Ellie:) Just adorable. Happy Halloween to you guys!!! Love you


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