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A Different Sort of Skiing


I picked up a pair of Cross Country skis this weekend. Complements of “Dave” and his ad in the KSL classifieds. It was a screaming deal a newish pair of skis, bindings, and size 6.5 woman’s boots all for 40 smackers. Perfect! I feel very lucky and am glad I made the hour plus drive to go get them. I don’t even think these babies have been skied on more than once before they were turned over to me. The boots don’t even have any scuff marks or signs of wear. Amazing what can happen when you put a little request out into the cosmic soup.

Ellie and I took them for a little test run yesterday in the yard and such. I felt pretty confident that we could handle it and I wont lie the beautiful sunny day helped motivate as well. So, today we went out for the real deal. We went to Wasatch Mountain State Park in Midway where there is a groomed track. It was a good time hardly a person around save for the 3 older gentlemen who swooshed by and were psyched to see such a “wee one” out and about.

At any rate we had a good time today. I thoroughly enjoyed getting outside, breathing fresh air, and exercise. I think Ellie liked it, she pointed out a few trees that caught her interest. Her favorite part was at the end of the tour when she got to get out of the pack and play and stomp in the snow. She loves being outside. Whenever Gary or I pick her up to bring her in she protests. Cold and wet doesn’t seem to phase her yet.


  1. Leslie

    I love that! When you get a “day off” to do something just for the pure fun of it! I’m so glad you took advantage. The “wee one”, just as stoic as ever in the picture with you, still cracks me up! We are connected by the fact that we, too, got snowed! I’m getting ready to post some photos from that later. Enjoy it!

  2. Angie

    Great deal! How fun to cross country ski. I have never tried it, but I hear it is quite the workout! Love the Christmas picures as well 🙂

  3. grandma mckenney

    Yep great buy GLAD you did it for yourself. Love the pictures.
    You will be the first of all of us to lose those 10# (yea right maybe 20) from Christmas!!

  4. grandma mckenney

    P.S. she is a crack up w/ the no smile on the face but go mom I love it!


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