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A Happy Birthday Indeed


I had an excellent day yesterday. It started out with a full nights rest save for the wee one sneeking into the room in the middle of the night. Owen didn’t make a peep until 5am ish and that’s pretty good for him. The morning continued with a blissful sunrise spreading a lovely alpine glow over the Wasatch. I fixed one of my favorite breakfast (Apple Oven Pancakes) which the Wee One refused to eat. (Sometime we just don’t get each other) The morning continued with the Mantra of “Don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause ev-ry little thing gonna be all right

Gary took Ellie to preschool and Owen took his morning nap and I was graced with an hour and a half of pure silent moments to myself. Ahhhh

After Ellie’s preschool we went shopping. On the way home I let Ellie call Bada and Papa. She talked to them for over a half hour and it was all about Christmas. There was talk of Santa and ballerina’s, reindeer, chimneys, the north pole, Polar Express Train, Christmas Tree’s, Pirate ships for Owen and a crown for Daddy, It was so much fun to listen too. They really had her going.

I found Gary at home making my favorite Chicken Parm Dinner. We had plans of decorating our Christmas Tree but found out that the stand it was in was leaking all over the place.  🙁

Gary saved the day by bringing out my Birthday gift. He totally surprised me with an old school Fisher Price Sesame Street play set. I spied this about a month ago and got all giddy over it. I found it at this site Check it out if you grew up in the late ’70-’80’s  I guarantee you’ll have childhood nostalgia overload. I felt like I was 4 years old again when I opened it. I don’t remember if we had this set when I was young or if a neighbor kid had it all I remember is how much I loved it. The trap door that spits out the characters on the side, the “catwalk” that leads the characters to a slippery slide, the merry go round, all that.  I think that some of the childhood neurons in my brain that had been put to rest came back to life for a little while last night. It goes with out saying that Ellie and Owen were impressed too. They played with it until they passed out literally. Gary said that as he was laying Ellie down in her bed she mumbled in a dream filled sleep fog “sesame street playhouse…”.  Needless to say Gary did a good job this year of making my Birthday extra special.

Another funny side note. We were listening to Christmas music last night an old version of “Santa Baby” sung by Eartha Kitt came on and according to Ellie it is scary. She got really upset and cried big tears telling us it was scary. We couldn’t figure it out the only thing I can think of was the background singers. ???

And… Here is some footage of Owen and Ellie hamming it up too


  1. Oh!
    Thank you so much for sending me the link for this!
    I am so ridiculously happy to hear how thrilled everyone was with the clubhouse 🙂
    Memories are wonderful things to bring back into focus for people.
    Again, thank you so much!
    Happy Birthday!!
    Enjoy 🙂

  2. Danielle

    So much fun on your birthday! Looks like Owen is trying to sing along with the toy 🙂
    Glad you had a nice day!

  3. Leslie

    Looks like I have been away for too long, had to catch up on a couple of your posts. My life right now is a smear, yes, I said smear. Thanks so much for the pictures and video, it is so hard to see your little ones grow up so fast without being there to make them stop. Glad you had a good birthday, you deserve it! Oh and don’t worry, my girls and I rarely get each other . . .

  4. charie

    Looking forward to celebrating your birthday with another girls night out 🙂 Thanks Gary in advance!

    I loved the sesami street playhouse. That is sweet! I felt the same as I saw the Ragady Ann and Andy at Target. Even though they are new dolls trying to replicate the old…I loved seeing them.

    So sorry to hear about your Grandma. I loved what you wrote. It was beautiful!

  5. Jon and Tamara

    Loved the photo of the sunrise it is sheer beauty! Jon wants to know how it feals to be 40! he he! Happy Birthday! Cool present! Can you send me the recipe for the apple pancakes? It sounds good!


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