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A Happy Birthday it was


Yep it was my Birthday yesterday. I was trying to ignore it and pretend that 32 was actually 25, but I can’t work that kind of magic. Gary and his family helped me enjoy the day, they spoiled me with love and cheer. Gary took me and Ellie out on the town Friday night. We took a short drive to Ithaca to do some shopping at the Green Star COOP Market. Its a favorite little grocery market in town that sells local items, organic foods, and all kinds of good green products. We always have a hay day when we shop there. Then Gary took us to the Dewit Mall where the famous Moosewood Restaurant is. It is one of my favorite restaurants ever with an eclectic vegetarian menu. Unfortunately Ellie decided to fuss a bit so Gary and I took turns walking her around in the lobby while the other got a few delicious bites in. Of course she passed out just when we got our food all wrapped up and we were ready to head out, but it gave me time to pick out a new cookbook and a few other treats. After dinner we bundled up the wee babe and went for a walk in the Commons were all the shops were featuring ice sculptures. We were very impressed with the detail and the beauty of the ice it was a nice winter welcome.


  1. Leslie

    That did sound like a nice birthday. There is always going to be some bit of crying after you turn 30, whether it is from you or from a baby! Don’t worry, I still claim I’m turning 28 every year and the people I surround myself with must go along with it or be banished from cake time. Happy Birthday little sista!

  2. Laurie

    Happy Birthday Danette!!! I did think about you yesterday. I’m glad you had a nice outing for your BD. You look like you are having a great time! 32 isn’t so bad. I quite enjoyed it!!

    Love you!


  3. Happy Birthday!!!


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