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A Job of Work


We painted our house last week. We decided it really needed it and boy it did. Gary borrowed my Dad’s power washer a few weekends ago and went to town cleaning up the house which in return revealed how badly it had been beat down by the sun the last few years. So we went with some Cappacino and Redwood. I like the brown tones better then the fading mustard yellow it was before. It’s much more soothing. I’m still getting used to the Redwood trim from a distance I love it but when I get up close it seems a little bright, but that will change with time I’m sure.

We hired our friend Jonny B as our painter extraordinaire. He’s quite good with a brush although I heard him several times call out and grumble with frustration over ladders, the sun, the rain, equipment, lose of balance, what have you. It was nice to have him around. He took some good pictures with Ellie and I’m so bummed I didn’t get them from him. Plus he is currently sporting a 70’s style mustache and it is such a great look for him. Honest. Especially when he is holding a PBR or Bud Light in his hand. He says “it’s a lifestyle”. Jonny brought his dog “The Shady Lady” as well. She is a miniature schnauzer and Ellie loves her despite her bad breath. She followed Shady all over wanting to give her hugs and kisses and have conversations in high pitched doggy language.


We still need to pain I mean paint the back deck and possibly apply some second coats to the decks as well. Hopefully we can get to that this weekend or sometime before Christmas.  Here are some before and afters…


  1. Grandma Marcoccia

    Lookin’ Good Guys!!! Hard work I know, but well worth it.

  2. Jen Coon

    Looks great!!

  3. Charie

    That looks GREAT!!! That changes the whole look of it. I am not a huge fan of the yellow wood…that was the color of our kitchen before we painted it. It makes your cabin look brand new!

  4. Angie

    Looks really good! That is a lot of painting! I really like the new look 🙂

  5. Leslie

    Oh ya, that’s some good change! I miss you guys!


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