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A New Toy


A toy arrived in the mail today for Ellie. Something I thought might be fun for her. It has lights and music and goes along with our Elli-phant theme.


Then we put the batteries in and showed her what it does and this is her reaction…


  1. Sara

    That is so funny! It’s like at Christmas time when you think they will be so excited with the new toys and all they want is the wrapping paper and the boxes. Has she started to like it yet?

  2. Meriam

    What a cute toy!!! Did Mommy & Daddy learn how it works yet? Ü She is a doll! We need to have a party and let all these little ones play together. What a blast that would be!!! We can put up a pool in our back yard, if it ever gets warm , and have a party…

  3. Leslie

    That was so funny!!!! This will only be the first of many experiences where your children will throw you off and do the unexpected. Bailey and I laughed so hard at her. Hopefully after some time she will find joy in elephants once more!

  4. Charie

    I loved this because I have seen it so many times with my kids. She is so cute with her lower lip poking out! Showing the strike difference of the before and after batteries was so funny!


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