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A New Toy


This week started out with me saying,” Gar, lets stop by World Market today and check out the sofas on sale.” (I have one in particular I like check it out.) By Thursday we found ourselves the new owners of a snowmobile. Wait! What just happened here? Oh ya, I said something like when in Rome do as the Romans do. That’s right somehow the conversation about a new sofa lead to a conversation about a snowmobile. We’ve been fighting the whole snowmobile scene up here in Timberlakes since we moved in, they are stinky, loud, and sometimes down right annoying (especially when you hear that crazy mosquito like noise at 2 am). Alas, it is a fight we cannot win so we are joining the slednecks instead. What’s that saying? if you can’t beat them join them. Gary says it’s like living on a beach with a perfect set of waves and not having a surfboard. We can keep justifying this decision until we are blue in the face. I’ll get my sofa someday, sigh…

Yes, those are my pajamas. Pink is hot!

Chip and Adah think we are ridiculous.


  1. Laurie

    Grandpa’s proud of ya!


  2. My father has one. I used to ride it when I was little. Then again… my father was a farmer with an entire hill behind him that was his. No one to bug.

  3. Leslie

    That is pretty funny, I think I had a similar experience in my life only I wanted . . . something and what WE got was bass guitar gear. How do they do that?! I think after so many years Mark started to feel guilty, so now I get a cut of his gig money. By the way, pink is hot! Isn’t it the new black? And also, I love the sectional, this is what I have but it is in red and we just love it. Throw in an ottoman and you have family movie night screaming at you! Love you guys!

  4. For the record we agreed on the new sofa well before the sled or this post 🙂 so not sure what this woman is talking about. She just needs to pull the trigger and buy it/ GBM

  5. Charie

    Yeah for you guys! We want to come and play with you. I loved your ALta post. What a special place for you guys. I have to say that when I think about Alta I think about you too 🙂 Remember when I came and stayed up there with you and met your roomies the all the boys you hung out with. It was a lot of fun. I was even thinking back to when we stayed at your aunts (who also worked at Alta) and remember all her cool plants.

    I checked out Leslie’s blog. So much fun to see pictures of her and the family. Tell her hi from me!

  6. Danielle

    Why is it that you boys always get the fun stuff and we get Furniture??? 🙂 Looks like fun… enjoy it! By the way – Mike is jealous!

  7. i love furniture!


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