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After the Storm


Ellen and I took a walk this morning behind the house, and up the hill a little ways. Adah, Tayen, and Marley the brave dogs joined us, we had about a foot of snow and ice come down on Saturday evening through Sunday. All the makings for a white Christmas.

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  1. Charie

    I have been wanting to comment for days now. I always read your blog when I am nursing and don’t have a free hand to type. I was telling Sara the same thing. It has been so fun to feel like I can see how your trip to NY has been. What fun to have all the snow. I do miss it this year. I cannot imagine how the trip driving it was for you guys. WOw you are all troopers. Ellie is so darling in those sleeping pictures.

    Gary’s family seems really great! Does it make you want to move there?


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