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Alta at Last


We packed up the supplies and spent the weekend in Alta. Ellie got the first taste of how our weekends are going to be spent for the next few months. I think she enjoyed it. She adjusted to the lodge life pretty well even was able to take a nap amongst all the click and clangs of ski boots clambering across the floor and energetic voices of happy skiers. It was good, there was still plenty of soft snow to carve up. Saturday was a little troubling when we pulled into the Goldminer’s Daughter parking lot only to find there was no parking spot what so ever, but we persevered and Gary found a place to stash the Toyota. The crowd cleared out after lunch anyway. Gary and I skied in shifts scheduled around when Ellie would be hungry. It worked out well. We skied with our good friends Johnny B and Jesse. On Sunday we got the pleasure of skiing with Watson and the company of his lovely girl Lisa in the lodge. I definitely did not have my legs. I could only do about two runs and then my body would be crying out. So it was good we had shifts so I could have time to recover. I’m looking forward to the day Gary and I can ski together again I did miss having my partner there skiing with me, but Johnny, Jesse, and Watson took good care of me. Yep, me and the boys or me solo typical of my Alta always never enough chicks around what’s up with that (Ahem, Jodi, JJ, Julie, any of you ladies out there listening). Only in Alta could I sit for a seven minute ride and appreciate the beauty of untracked snow covering the “Backside” with two dudes or have a heart to heart about life with a dear friend on the Collins lift. It is definitely a commitment to drive about an hour over the Wasatch for Alta. Some of you may ask why not stay on the backside of the Wasatch and ski Park City or the Canyons? I can’t really explain our ridiculous devotion to Alta. It’s more than just the awesome ski terrain and snow accumulation. It’s where we met, where it all began, where we found ourselves, sowed some wild oats, where our friends are, and where we were married. There is so much emotion for me in that Little Cottonwood Canyon it’s a small piece of “heaven on earth”. I don’t go there just to ski I go there for therapy as well. It comes in the form of visiting with friends, listening to the silence in a snow storm, challenging my self through exercise and movement, or hearing the mountains ring. Hopefully we can pass this on to Ellie and she will understand and get it like we do.


  1. Laurie

    So glad you finally got to the slopes. I can hear the happiness in your written voice (does that make sense?) Be careful out there.


  2. there’s plenty of powder in them hills!

  3. Sara

    How fun! So when are you going to come up and ski here? We probably can’t match Alta, but the snow has been really pretty great. Give me a call and let’s plan a day if you can. 🙂

  4. Yes Sara! We should do it perhaps a weekend in February would work? It would be so fun to get our guys and girls together. There is a big smile on my face just thinking about it. Lets do it! What is your schedule like in Feb?

  5. Sara

    We’re here in Feb. Let’s plan a weekend. I’ll e-mail you!



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