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Antelope Island


I have been wanting to check out Antelope Island for a while now. I thought it’s silly to have lived in Utah all my life and not have ever stood on the shores of the GSL for a day. So we asked our friends Jodi and KC to join us for a one day vacation if you will and that is exactly what it felt like. Antelope Island was a pleasant surprise with a beautiful sandy beach, wildlife, and a historic ranch. We ate lunch at the beach then walked down to the waters where we checked out the beach rocks. Gary even splashed around a bit in the salty water. After sometime at the beach we ventured out to try to find some Buffalo. We were able to see two beauties lounging in the grass near the northeast shore. We traveled a few more miles down the road to a historic Fielding Garr Ranch where they were hosting some cowboy poets and singers. We listened to a few poems and wandered about the property stopping to say hello to the horses and take a break in the grass. On our way back to the “mainland” across the causeway the lake, mountains, and sky decided to come together for some beautiful views. The mountains and clouds were mirrored in the lake and we stopped a couple of times to take in the view. Our parting thoughts were what a crazy thing to have so close to us and never explored before. It was a nice little escape for a day.

You can checkout more of our photos here



  1. Laurie

    I have never been there either, and I’ve lived here longer than you! 😉

    Looks like a BEAUTIFUL day! maybe I’ll have to get the friends together and make a pilgrimage. Glad you had a good time.


  2. Bridge

    I’ve never been there as well. Max and I want to go there this summer!

  3. grandma mckenney

    Man it’s so crazy so many of us haven’t been there! But I’ve been to Germany, something wrong there . Haven’t been to Grand Canyon either. WHY?
    Love all the pictures.

  4. Michelle

    Thanks for the pictures. Add me to the list of those who haven’t ever ventured out that way! Looks like a peaceful place – thanks for giving us a heads up on a good place to visit. We’ll definitely have to head out there sometime. Maybe it will satisfy John’s current “itch” to get to the beach?!?!

  5. Leslie

    Well I’m just back to real life again and catching up on your blog, you’ve been busy. Love the video of Ellie tellin’ you how it is. The pictures from the lake are so great. You need to blow up the reflecting picture and frame it to take to NY so you remember what real mountains look like. That was a great shot. So, I LIVE in Germany and never went to the GSL either. Why is it so evasive?! Looks like a great day trip.

  6. I will join the list of people who have never been there. It looks really neat…I hope to check it out some day.
    I can’t believe your post about the snow. I think I would be going crazy…we have had a long rainy spring and it has been annoying.
    Love the video, she is as cute as ever!

  7. Max

    Man, I’ve always wanted to go there; now I really do!


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