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Apple Harvest


Yesterday was our 6th anniversary of married life. We took it easy most of the day as Ellie has a bit of a cold. Cleaned up the house some and puttered around. We did round up the wee one though for a short outing to Wasatch Mountain State Park. Every September they open up Hubber Grove to the public for apple picking. The apples are an heirloom variety from a 100 year old orchard. They are small but packed with perfect tart apple flavor. Ellie had a good time gathering up what Gary was getting out of the trees with the apple picker. We stopped and snacked on a few as well. It was an excellent way of welcoming the changing season of Fall and savoring a significant day. By the way we did have apple pie for dessert last night delicious I might add.


  1. Angie

    Cute pictures and a great adventure! I love Fall!

  2. Mom Marcoccia

    Looks like a perfect way to spend your anniversary! Love the pictures. I wish I could have some of your pie:)

  3. Sara

    Fun pictures! Ellie is growing up!!! I loved the camping story, also. I think I’m starting to become more of a “sleep in my own bed” person! I love the camp fire and all that fun part, but would rather pack up and sleep at home after that! And we used to sleep in caves and such…remember that???

  4. Leslie

    Congrats on the anniversary! I think I might have to make a pie now, it sounds so good. Ellie does look more grown up in these shots. Time fly’s when you live on the other side of the world.

  5. Danielle

    Happy Anniversary… a little late. Looks like the kids (Gary and Ellie) had a good time picking apples…or eating them 🙂 But no shots of your fun? Glad you had a great day! Send some apple pie our way… 🙂 I’ll trade ya for some choc chip cookies. 😉

  6. Sarah B.

    These pics are sooo cute! I just want to squeeze that little girl.. 🙁 I miss her.

  7. Charie

    Happy Anniversary! We are just celebrating our 10th a little early 😉
    I laughed at your camping adventures. The cold really does make a difference with the little ones huh. My kids love camping though and it always seems worth the effort after because they talk about it so much.
    Gorgeous pictures of the Tetons. I wish we could find work there so we could live in that valley. Heck we might have to be finding work here soon 🙁 Adobe taking over Omniture might not work out too well for us. Great for Omniture though


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