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Belly Update


Forgive me for the terrible pictures my camera man was busy. I believe I’m somewhere between 18 and 19 weeks. I really don’t like that you can see my bellybutton in the second picture. Oh Well. We haven’t kept up our promise for weekly belly photos like we did with Ellie. Life has been happening I guess. Although I feel guilty for not documenting this for the next wee one. I have picked up the same journal I did for Ellie though. It’s a great little book and I’ve discovered the author has written many great children books too.

Here is some of our life I was telling you about earlier…

Drumming with Dad


Her new favorite spot…


Her new hat! I made that this week from this book “Carefree Clothes for Girls” which has some fabulous patterns, ideas, and inspirations. I pretty much love the hat and am tempted to super size it to fit me. Here is another picture just cause it’s cute


  1. grandma mckenney

    I want a hat too! All the pics are so fun, she is just too cute. And the belly button comes along w/ the belly, sorry.

  2. Angie

    Darling hat AND belly! You are so talented with the sewing machine. 🙂

  3. Roxanne Brown

    What are you talking about, I love the belly button shot…SO CUTE! Love the hat too…I wish my sewing machine was in working order. You motivate me to get a new one and get creative.

  4. Hi Danette,
    I am a lover of family blogs. I came across yours through a google search. Nice blog you have there, rich with beautiful family pics.
    Your belly update is cute. Your pictures give a beautiful loving outlook of your family. You are definitely having a happy family life and that is real good.
    I too have a family blog with a difference. I give family tips and advice on how to have a happy family. You make a good testimony.
    My blog is still in its growing stage.
    I wish Gary to list my new upcoming blog.
    Congrats to your wonderful homelife.

  5. Hello Victor, Thanks for your kind words about our family. I listed your blog on my “Family Blogs” Squidoo lens.


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