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Boogie Baby!


We got a new toy for Ellie this week thanks to our wonderful friends Kim and Dylan. A bouncy chair, Ellen loves it! We have been enjoying nonstop entertainment and giggles. There is something about how those little legs move and grove with pure joy.



  1. grandma mckenney

    Are you sure she is not knocking her chin or mouth to much. Looks like she is wondering what is happening. She will grow to have fun in it!!

  2. Danielle

    She seems to be enjoying it!

  3. Don’t worry she isn’t hitting her mouth and chin although it kind of looks like it. I should have gotten better video she was a little tired when I took this so she wasn’t holding her head up as well, but she laughs and smiles and has a good time in it. Makes laundry day much more fun:)

  4. Charie

    Those are a must. My kids all loved it too. She is so darn cute!

    So glad you commented on my blog about your dogs. I was hoping you would because I see Nhaya being just like you with animals. I have no doubt that she will take them in and love them when she is older. I actually have that picture of Nhaya with Adah in a frame in our living room. It is the sweetest picture and does capture her love for dogs perfectly.

  5. I just realized that I didn’t put the comment in. Max needed my computer and then shut down all of my windows. Hmmm… I am sorry.

    I am just glad you read coments on our friends blogs. /smile

  6. Kim, Brad and Dylan

    LOVE your blog!!! I am glad that she is enjoying her bouncy chair… Elle is so beautiful, and Dylan loves his playdates… To be honest, I think I love them more. = )


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