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On the 16th (Ellie’s Birthday) we spent the day checking out the wonderful city of Brugge, Belgium. We fell in love with this little city. We were expecting a big bustling city like Brussels but were surprise by its quaint little streets and shops. Now don’t get me wrong Brugge is still a good size city but it had a different feel to it. The first thing we did was head to the clock tower where we heard there were excellent fritts to be had. We filled our bellies and oriented ourselves around the square.

This city had a lot to offer but I think what will always stand out to Gary and I is our visit to the Church of Our Lady.

We approached it in a round about way where we actually benefited from getting lost and came across a woman making lace in a little alley. My sister has a great post about this and a little video clip you don’t want to miss showing the lace ladies skills. her fingers moved so fast I was totally mesmerized. Like my sister I regret not purchasing some of her handy work.

We also came across a cool little path leading to the Church of our Lady that crossed a canal and offered an intimate glimpse of what Brugge has to offer. We were able to sit and enjoy the canal and the cute little cottages for a few minutes before we were overtaken by a tour group.

The big draw to the Church of Our Lady is that it is the home of Madonna and Child the only work of Michaelangelo to leave Italy. She is BEAUTIFUL words can’t realy describe we were humbled to say the least and I felt very privileged to have been able to feast my eyes on the mother and child.

Gary and I were able to take a moment together and explore the Church while Ellie was entertained by her cousins and watched over by Mark and Leslie outside. It is a beautiful building and we were filled with a sense of awe as we looked about and took in it’s history.

There is still more to share with you all about Brugge, but I feel my writing skills are exhausted so I’m taking the lazy route and sending you yet again to my Brugge Flicker Set. Pictures really do more then words sometimes…

One last thing though look what we picked up on our morning grocery trip…

Leslie had informed me that this little treat existed just after they had made the move to Germany, so when I saw it with my own eyes I couldn’t resist I had to get some myself.


  1. I swear I have had some Danette before. Maybe not though. Hmmmm.

  2. Sara

    That city looks awesome! So, how was the Danette? Was it good?

  3. Angie

    Loved Brugge!!!

  4. yep the Danette was good. Leslie has some funny pictures of Bailey and McKenna eating it and it looks like they are eating dirt funny stuff. I finally know where my name comes from or the meaning now after wondering all these years I = chocolate pudding.

    Angie in response to your comments on the previous post. I did see the chocolate boobs and both Leslie and I thought about purchasing a pair but let the moment pass. The other church the one that is so Gothic and has a vial of Christ blood was closed so we couldn’t tour it but we were able to take in the ornate facade too bad we could have see that organ


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