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Childhood Memories


My grandmother hasn’t been feeling well lately. She has been in and out of the hospital this week. My mom phoned me this morning to give me an update. It reminded me that I haven’t gotten around to writing down my childhood memories of Grandma and Grandpa Jackson. We were asked to do this last fall when Grandma celebrated her 80th birthday. My aunts put together a memory book for her. I’m pretty embarrassed that I haven’t contributed to this book until now. So this morning as I was playing with Ellen I wrote down some memories that stand out in my mind and that I hold dear to my heart. Some of these memories helped shape me into who I am today. It has been a good exercise for me to look back and realize what a wonderful childhood I had and how special my family is…

I remember picking lilacs from Grandma and Grandpa’s lawn for her. She always had a wee jelly jar full of these sweet smelling purple flowers in the house. I was always amazed that you could find these little treasures in the lawn of all places and you didn’t have to plant them they would just show up in the spring. We would also search the grass for four leaf clovers.

I remember playing in the leaves in Grandma and Grandpa’s front yard. The piles were so big we would bury ourselves so deep and jump into them with a big “poof”. I also remember building little rooms with the leaves by sorting them into squares that would connect and designating them as the kitchen, bedroom, family room and so on. This is a game my mom taught me as she used to play with the leaves like this when she was a little one.

I remember rolling down the little hill in the backyard with Leslie and Jon and my cousins we could do this for hours and laugh and giggle the whole time. Now the great grandkids take pleasure in rolling down that little hill. It was so big way back then it’s so fun how the size of things change with time and age.

I remember Grandma hanging the laundry on the clothes line and watching the breeze gently blow through all the linens and shirts and such.

I remember taking breaks in the shade of the back porch and settling down after playing with my cousins. This little porch was always the best spot to go to for cooling off on a hot summer day.

I remember walking down the street to the playground behind the church with the cousins and Aunt Laurie and Gay. Laurie and Gay also walked us to the penny candy store down the road for a special treat once in a while.

There was always a constant supply of ice cream in Grandma and Grandpa’s freezer and they were always willing to share. I was introduced to Tin Roof Sunday at Grandma and Grandpa Jackson’s. It is still one of my favorite flavors.

I love that at Grandma and Grandpa’s washing dishes was never a chore. We all pitched in and helped by either washing, rinsing, drying, or putting them away. It seems everyone would gather in the kitchen and talk and in the mean time the dishes would get done.

One of my favorite memories and one that I know the whole family cherishes is the Christmas Eve tradition of making Aebleskivers at Grandma and Grandpa’s. They were always such a treat and I thought it was so special to eat something sweet for dinner. My favorite goody to dip them in is cinnamon and sugar of coarse. Grandma and Grandpa always had the most beautiful Christmas tree and they would dim the lights in the room so we could fully enjoy the Christmas atmosphere/spirit.

I love hearing Grandma and Grandpa talk about our family heritage like my Great Grandma coming here from Ireland. It is also very special when they share their story about how they met and began dating. Apparently it all began with the flip of a coin. Grandma and Grandpa love each other very much, they have a strong and special marriage that has been a wonderful example for their children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and those beyond. Thank you Grandma and Grandpa Jackson for that beautiful legacy.



  1. Michelle

    Thank you so much for sharing. I’m sitting here at work with tears in my eyes, hoping nobody walks in! I’ve been so touched as I’ve read your memories, as I share the same ones! We’re so blessed to have such great memories and so blessed to get to share such wonderful Grandparents!
    love you!

  2. Leslie

    Danette, thanks so much for this. Lot’s of memories that have faded a little in my mind but when talked about, come back clear as day. The leaf houses were SO great. I actually felt that our pretend play was so real. I remember thinking that I was actually the mom and had babies and cooked in the kitchen. Wish I could still have that imagination and transform to a different environment like we did when we were kids. Maybe that is what our children do for us, bring us back so that we aren’t so serious as grown ups.

  3. Charie

    This was such a sweet post. I absolutely loved it because I remember you talking about both sets of grandparents often. It is great to write those kinds of memories down…Ellie will love reading them someday over and over again.

    Looking forward to seeing your hot running self here in a month or so! I was dreaming about it last night and woke up happy. I also remembered how you were the one person that made me cry when I came home from my mission and you were at the airport. We just kept hugging and crying. I actually have it on video and it makes me miss you so much! Good memories!


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