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Christmas 2009


Ellie had a hard time Christmas morning deciding if she wanted her presents or not. We think that she thought that Santa was actually there in the room and that disturbed her a bit.

Christmas morning take one…


Christmas morning take two…


Christmas morning take three!…


She finally got into it all and was so fun to watch. It literally took all day to unwrap all her presents because she would spend time playing with each one.  Which was a good thing because she loved and appreciated each and every gift she was given.


We also had a memorable incident involving fire and candles. We set up our Christmas pyramid I bought last March while visiting my sister in Germany.  While I was trying to capture the moment with a picture Ellie leaned in a little too close and caught her hair on fire. I heard a sizzle and looked up from the camera to see flames on the side of my wee ones head. So I jumped up quick and patted it out. Just some singed hair. Ellie wasn’t even phased by it all she looked at me like “what are you doing?”. At any rate lesson learned and a memory we can laugh about now.

On Saturday we traveled up to my parents house for a Christmas dinner with my brother’s family, Grandpa Jackson, and Aunt Laurie. As usual my Mom made a huge delicious spread and we ate our self’s silly.

After dinner and some naps we went out to the garage to play on the big wheel the my uncle Dan sent for the kids a few years back. My Dad had just put it together over the weekend and was excited for the boys to play with it. Needless to say it was a hit.

[flickrvideo][/flickrvideo] [flickrvideo][/flickrvideo]

Now we are settled in and enjoying our gifts and food. Baby brother has had plenty to say as he is actively kicking and rolling in my belly. We just had our 28 week checkup and all is well. Just the finale third trimester to get through and he will be here. Time is flying by.


  1. Angie

    That is too funny that she was so reluctant! I wish my kids would take all day opening their presents. Try to keep that tradition going as long as you can. I’m glad you had a Merry Christmas!!

  2. grandma mckenney

    Ellen never ceases to surprise us, that will be a story for the ages, so funny!
    It was a great weekend!

  3. Kevin

    ellie is funny on Christmas morning


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