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Christmas Celebration with the Family


Last weekend my parents and my brother’s family joined us up here in Timberlakes to have a Christmas Party before my Mom leaves to spend the holidays with my sister and her girls in Germany.¬† We reserved our neighbors “Chalet” for Friday night for some extra sleep space. They arrived Friday afternoon and we spent the evening catching up, decorating sugar cookies, playing Charades, and exchanging gifts.

Parker and his SUGAR cookie

We all settled in for the night and as we slept Santa brought treats for the kids. It is a German tradition that my sisters family has enjoyed and we asked Santa if we could share that tradition here for the cousins  so he tucked goodies into their boots as they slept.

We made Ebelskivers for breakfast and stuffed ourselves silly. After that we all bundled up to go out and enjoy the fresh powder. It turned out to be a nice sunny day perfect for sledding and playing. We played until we were starving and then came in for lunch and naps. Everyone was tuckered out, but we had a great time. It was nice to play with Jon’s family up here and watch Ellie have such a blast with them. She absolutely loves it when she gets to see Grandma, Grandpa, and her cousins. It was also nice to be a host for a change and get them up to our house.

In a way it was a fare well to Timberlakes party as we have signed a lease and put a deposit down on a house to rent in the Trailside area of Park City. Yep we will be moving into a new house January 1st. It is much closer to Gary’s office and has many other benefits that our family needs like a bedroom for each of the kids, storage space, more then one bathroom, a fenced yard for Adah, a garage, guest bedrooms, an office for Gary, and just more space in general. This little Timberlakes home has served us well and we do love it but it is time to make some changes for our wee family and I’m welcoming the new chapter with excitement.


  1. Leslie

    That is no accident that mom was a blur in a picture. Bet she didn’t sit still at all, cuz she’s not sitting still here either. I had to force her to go to bed. I AM the mother of this house.

    Oh, and I didn’t know the detail about the boots. I LOVE that you did that, so super smart to keep us all connected.

  2. Jon and Tamara

    Thanks Danette, it was soooooooo much fun!!! We have not stopped talking about it and we probably won’t for a long long time. Our favorite part was definetly the sledding. It was so nice to “get away” even if it was just for a weekend. Good stuff!!

  3. Summer

    that was so fun! Now I want to go back and do it again! my favorite picture

  4. Summer

    Sorry Tamia pushed the button before I finished. Anyway my favorite picture was when my dad was going down the hill. The cookies were very yummy!!! Thank you for the fun weekend!!

  5. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    What great fun! I love the boot tradition.

  6. Danielle

    Looks like it was SOOO much fun!

  7. Thanks for sharing all those beautiful pictures of your family.
    Have a wonderful holiday, can’t wait to see the new house!
    Love, Aunt Donna

  8. meriam

    What a wonderful weekend you guys must have had! I am so glad for you! Beautiful pictures, and yes, I like the one of Jon on the sleigh too!!


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