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Corning Weekend


On Saturday Sarah and Linda took Ellie and I to Corning to check out the local shops in the Gaffer District. It’s a little section of town with great boutique type stores featuring local artist, glass works, and such. We hit our favorite Antique Mall and also found a new gem of a shop that had all kinds of vintage fabrics, trims, and notions. I could have spent hours there checking out all the cute little retro prints. I did end up buying some tiny buttons with pink owls on them and some ribbon with little duckies following momma ducky. So precious. Gary promised we could go back before we leave.

The two Gary’s met up with us later for some excellent Indian food, and then we met Jill and her family for a real Corning experience. We went to Hands On Glass a studio in Corning where you can blow your own glass Christmas ornaments. It was great fun they let you blow into the gaffer (metal rod) to shape and expand the ornament. We each got to blow our own ornament and watch as they shaped it and made the hook at the top.


  1. Sara

    Okay, so now I’m really envious. I have seriously always wanted to blow glass like that. I may have to make a trip just to do that. How cool!

  2. That sounds like so much fun!

    How much did they charge?

  3. They charged $12.50 per person, which we didn’t mind giving because it is a nonprofit organization and all the helpers are volunteer.


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