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Curious Moose


A few days ago we woke up to this guy in our drive way once we got ourselves together and gathered up Ellie he decided to have a face off with the baby swing. We just got the swing from our friends (thanks you guys E love’s it). At first we thought he was using it to scratch his ears or something but then he became a little more aggressive with it perhaps because it was swinging back at him. Shortly after the video taping Gary started talking and this seemed to upset him more he snorted and moved into the open space in front of the house and did a few stomps and stared Gary down into submission and quickly coming back in the house. Don’t worry he was safely on the porch the whole time. We didn’t want to upset or stress the big guy any more though. This is the most aggressive Moose we have met in TL. I’m glad we introduced ourselves from the secure and safe porch rather than crossing paths on the TL roads.



  1. Charie

    Now that is something most people never see!

  2. Bridge

    I agree with Charie. That is just crazy!

  3. Angie

    What a fun thing to experience! You won’t see that in Europe. Have a great time on your vacation!!

  4. Linda (Mom Marcoccia)

    Wow, how cool! I can’t believe how small he made your subie look.

  5. Meriam

    Maybe he wanted to swing and couldn’t figure out how to get in!!! Glad you were on the porch, Gary!

  6. Leslie

    Your friend is right, won’t see that kind of thing, well unless your karma follows you. . . we are out in the nether regions you know. See you in two days!!!!

  7. Charie

    I know you are having fun with your sis but i am missing you 😉 I am such a Danette blog stalker.


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