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Sarah, Ellie and I took a day trip up to Ogden’s Dinosaur Park. We met up Grandma McKenney, Aunt Laurie, Summer, and the boys. It was a lot of fun and I must say I was impressed with the park…a great place for kids. The boys were a ton of fun to watch they kept pointing and saying “SaurSaur” for dinosaur of course. We walked through one trail with lots of scary creatures and Parker had a tight grip on Aunt Laurie’s hand. Summer was fun as well, she even knew some of the names before we got to read about them and find out who they were. By the end of the day Ellie was showing off her new trick of growling. She just started that this week, and it was a perfect place to let loose with all the background dinosaur noises and such.

Summer was a good sport and posed for this photo opportunity…

To top the day off we had an excellent sunset last night. I love our view of the Wasatch back! Check it out…


  1. Michelle

    HOW FUN!!! I’m so sorry we missed it. Looks like you had a great time!!!

  2. Sara

    Cool that you went to Dinosaur Park too! To bad we weren’t there on the same day!!

    Gorgeous sunset!

  3. Leslie

    Saaawwwweeeettttt sunset picture. That one needs to be blown up and framed for sure. I love the picture of Summer . . . too funny. Wish we could be there to join in all the cousin love. Someday . . .

  4. Charie

    Never fail..every visit to your blog makes me homesick for the beauty of the mountains.


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