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Ellie’s First Birthday


This picture was taken on August 16th Ellie’s official birth date. We were in Brugge Belgium the day she turned one so we celebrated Ellie’s first Birthday a few days earlier with the Frandsen’s and their neighbors Freddie, Claudia, Michael, Monfred, and Erika. Claudia’s Mother Annalee and her husband Victor were there as well as some friends. We had a BBQ German style. Freddie has a great set up for BBQ, he has a big cast iron bowl that he made the fire in and a tripod which the grill hangs from and he swings to avoid any hot spots. Freddie and Claudia are excellent cooks. We all contributed with salads and such and Mark grilled Salmon or Lox as well. It was a fabulous meal to say the least with good food and good company to boot.

I did get a little teary eyed while singing Happy Birthday to my baby girl. I can’t believe it has been a whole year. She is a toddler now not my wee babe. Well, she is still a little wee… but you know what I mean. I’m so glad that we timed it right so we could celebrate with the Frandsen’s. I thought that it was appropriate because they have not had a chance to get to know her yet and vise versa. So thanks to Leslie, Mark, Bailey, and McKenna and their neighbors and friends for making Ellie’s day very special for her.



If you would like to check out more videos there are plenty here

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  1. Angie

    First birthday! What a milestone. How fun for her to be able to say she spent her first birthday in Germany! She is such a beautiful little girl. They do grow up way too fast! Did you love Brugge? That was one of my favorite cities, and the cathedral there was amazing (the one with the black and silver organ pipes). I’m sure you saw the chocolate store that had the chocolate boobs. That made me laugh so hard. I so wanted to bring some home for someone as a joke, but I didn’t. Oh, I loved Brugge!

  2. I absolutely love that first photo. She is sooooo big. Happy Birthday Ellie!

  3. grandma mckenney

    So I need a 5×7 of that birthday picture w/ flowers in her hair!!!
    How many one year olds eat Brots for their B.D. dinner!!
    She is still our little cutie.
    Love you Ellen

  4. Charie

    I cannot believe how much she has changed since April when I was there. She is such a sweetheart! How awesome that you were able to celebrate it with Leslie and family. I imagine she was just eating her up.

    You look really beautiful in all the pictures!

  5. michelle

    She is beautiful! I can’t wait to get our babies together to play!

  6. michelle

    P.S. I totally LOVE the picture with the flowers in her hair!


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