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Ellie’s New “Bike”


I found this Tricycle for Ellie last week at a thrift store in the South Valley while getting the truck window fixed. It was a steal only twenty bucks. I love it when I find a cheap treasure.  I actually looked at these tricycles on the internet a few months ago and though how perfect it would be for the Wee One. It has big rubber tires perfect for the TL roads. I actually let her ride it around in the other stores as well. She thought she was pretty cool. Even some of the other kid were envious checking her ride out.

Gary took this picture last night as we were enjoying an evening on the porch after dinner. Ellie was exploring in the yard. I like all the light in her hair. It’s a good summer time picture…


  1. Angie

    Cute pictures, Danette! I love the bike! It is perfect for your environment. Can’t wait to hang on Thursday!!

  2. Mom Marcoccia

    How are you going to hold this child down?? Love it.

  3. Laurie

    Please just don’t take her to Slick Rock for a few years! She looks so happy on that “bike”! What a cute wee one!

  4. Leslie

    The first tricycle, that is a pretty big deal! I wonder if it is going to trump the kitchen??!! I love the “adult control” handle. Have fun!


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