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Evening Entertainment


Last week I bought a bottle of Bubbles for Ellie because she was so good for me at the grocery store. They were a hit and we have had hours of fun playing with them. She cracked us up the other night when she decided to start catching them with her mouth. She looked like a little guppy getting fish food. It’s so fun when the simplest of things can bring us together for a little bit of fun.

[flickrvideo][/flickrvideo] [flickrvideo][/flickrvideo]


  1. grandma mckenney

    Thats to cute/funny! What she dosn’t think of!!

  2. Danielle

    🙂 How funny! Did she enjoy the taste of soap@??/ 🙂

  3. Grandma Marcoccia (Bada)

    Just one more thing, I think I saw little fella laughing at his sister:)

  4. Leslie

    That is so cute! I didn’t know she could open her mouth that big! Ha Ha! Can’t wait to see all the cousins together! Coming soon!


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